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UPDATE March 2019 – The first time I share my story verbally in one go in this interview. Underneath the interview section are selected reviews from current and former Pret Staff.






Above interview is with Adam from The Adam Paradox podcast on my experience in Pret A Manger.

We spoke about gaslighting, “shadow banning” and censorship on social media, as well as bereavement, trauma and mental health in general. I further talked about the significant timing of Pret CEO’s announcement of the £1000 Tweet for all staff. I also talked about a regular day in Pret and how staff have to cut corners, in order to fulfill the immense workload under constant pressure.

It is hard to squeeze my traumatic experience into a podcast segment, but we covered enough to get a good picture of today’s systemic stress environment for profit driven global companies.

Please visit his Podcast and Twitter @1AdamParadox.



2018-11-01 Go back to UK


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dear Lord, protect me from ever need to work for Pret a Manger ever again. Amen. For this company you are numbers, robots, machines, you are no humans.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Go back to the UK, Pret I have never worked in such a toxic, unprofessional corporate environment.

Workers are slave Very bad management. They treat you like a slave. You have zero value for them. They don’t recognize your effort…”

I want to be as loud as possible herePRET DOESN’T CARE!I just feel very strongly that the general public view of this company is very far off from the truth.

Pret doesn’t care about workers. The most important is business, profits. That’s why they cut working hours and made you work harder.”

horrible management … management is disrespectful, they fire people when they are having rough times in life… i was penalized for calling out for a funeral.”

Horrible place they shout at you all the time for any little mistake.

Never again – very poor screening system when choosing management, lots of hr issue unsolved … reconsider the Happy Team, Happy Customer scenario and solve the hr issues from headoffice

Not for britishI felt like an outsider in my own country. Train your managers! They look unhappy and stressed.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paris:Charge de travail horrible – Entreprise a fuir absolument, des rushs épouvantables parfois 7 jours de travails consécutifs sans repos.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~man-320273__340


Never left a job so fast – I worked only a few week in Pret but fell used and stressed out. Expectations is high but no help from manager.”

If I could give zero stars I wouldPret does not deserve even 1 star. I regret having worked there. Pret looks good from the front but once you work thete it’s a lot of stress”

You can do better – I was stressed out nearly everyday. The manager was very unprofessional and disrespectful.”

The place was always dirty. People wouldn’t take the job seriously. Everyday people would call out. I wouldn’t recommend working at this company. Avoid.”

to much stress for little pay – bad managers in most shop I worked, dirty work kitchen don’t wash hands …”

Hellhole …you treat people like they’re useless and worthless… get down from that high horse you’re on”

“Squandered opportunities Poor management, broken promises, stressful work environment.”

Pure Misery kitchen staff is treated like slaves… The upper management is a bunch of heartless, evil British monsters that take credit for all the positives and assign blame for all the negatives… Quit your jobs and go back to England and stay there.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Exploitation, racism: Sfruttamento – azienda poco seria e stipendi molto bassi, poca vita sociale e turni troppo lunghi, bullismo e razzismo erano all’ordine del giorno”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Despair pexels-photo-568027


Intense and stressful environmenthostile work environment.”

HorriblePret A Manger is honestly a very unprofessional work environment. I’ve met great people at the job but the job itself is very stressful and not worth the pay.”

I hate work in Pret A MangerTreat all fair and don’t push so much.

Wouldn’t recommendThere are lot of slogans and promises of awards but when you do well there is no award. Manager is stressed and hectic no time to learn and make mistakes.”

Unfriendly environment people were too mean”

Don’t work for Pret when you sickI have disability from doctor but manager don’t believe me. they push hard no matter when you sick or not.

Discrimination and favouritismIf you can play games Pret is perfect.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

General Manager: Not the best place to workNot much support to the management from the Operations Team. Had to work there at least 12 hours, as there was no other manager in the store, due to some HR issue … As much as they “Like to promote internally” you are still just a pawn for them.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2018-10-15 Staff complain in Twitter not paid HR


“Other locations were filthy. Seriously… I worked at a relatively new location with staff that enjoyed themselves… but I was sent to a couple other locations at times if they needed help and ooooh was it a different story.

Bad experience – don’t be racist

They don’t pay leaders enough money. They transfer you from store to store if the gm don’t like you

Employees made the place hell to work

Ehh not worth it at all – Unprofessional staff, youre not even trained properly they just throw you in there.

The idea of proper training is also rediculous – Most people are taken in under promises

Overworked and Aweful Managers everyone complains how much they hate this job”

The brainwash is real A lot of people cry in the staff room especially in their entry period.”

Modern Day SlaveryDepression. Anxiety. Dread to go to work

Pixabay Tears man-1465525__340

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

General Manager: Great company in risk of ruin! Forced to work without pay, expected to work during annual holiday, pressure on profit leading to unsafe food practices, bullying tactics used by Heads, unfair salaries, discrimination… Please get the bullies out and revive Pret to its former glory. Used to be the most amazing company to work for, a job to be proud of. Now your people work in fear.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Head Office:Great brand poor management – Poor management resulting in poor decisions. Office culture is working really really long hours. No work life balance whatsoever

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Manager:Standards have dropped in recent years, growing animosity between team members and even their managers…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It’s all gone downhill …”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



Taken from the Long List of Staff Complaints
from outside Review websites, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook of various positions, countries, years …

~ & ~

How Companies Force Emotional Labour on Low Wage Workers



I worked at Pret A Manger and survived systemic workplace bullying during bereavement that involved HR, the top leadership, HQ and even the now “retired” former CEO Clive Schlee. I declined 4 settlement offers if I am silent about my ordeal. But I rather starve and speak out to help others. For an overview of important blog entries of my experience with Pret, please visit “My Ordeal with Pret A Manger”. The little arrow to the right next to each heading will lead directly to the post.
I tell my story for the first time verbally in below audio player interview on a podcast by The Adam Paradox, and wrote an article in the
Scottish Left Review.
Thank you for reading/listening.



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