If anyone ever claims to have known me


they knew a shell of me for a little while, but then when my brother died and Pret bullied me, these “friends” dropped me like a hot potato in no time.

If anyone claims to have known me for years, show them the door.

They brag after the fact of my life, experience, condition becoming anyone’s knowledge.

After I die.

They were not there for me, even though they claim they’ve been.

A real friend doesn’t only know my birthday, they are comfortable with my brokenness, my comfort.

But they are too spectacular to nitice “me”

They go to church, they give to charity, but they don’t know how to be there for a person in grieve.

That’s ok.

Stay just where you are.

Don’t move!

Life is short.

Thank y’all for your patience.

And fuck you.


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