“How To Cards” for Pret


These sub-pages will contain “How To Cards” for Pret A Manger that are missing in their repertoire, especially HR to do the “right thing naturally”. Pret’s HR department is a vital instrument in people’s struggle to get fair treatment. I have never experienced such toxic environment under this HR department, and my aim to better my situation as well as that of my colleagues was a wake-up call that nothing can be changed under a toxic HR department. The head of HR wanted me to raise grievances if I had any more issues (the bullying continued but nothing was changed). So I continued to raise grievances while traumatized and on autopilot.

It was a waste of time, but I learned a lot, certainly how corrupt and non-caring this company and department is towards hard-working people who become an inconvenience when bereaved.

Side note: I had 10 grievance, appeals, then disciplinary and dismissal hearings. Each hearing was held with 2 people (one Hearing Manager and one HR Person taking notes), 20 people in all. Out of the 20 people in 10 hearings only 3 were men! They chose 17 women to hold these meetings! I leave it up to the reader to speculate what this may mean.



Right Thing Naturally



How To – Impartial Hearings

How To – Bereavement at Work

How To – Dismiss Fairly

How To Exhaust the HR Department
(Pret’s Head of HR said in the end that I “exhausted the HR department” with all the grievances I raised, that he prompted me to raise after refusing to change the climate at work.

Open Letter to the Director of HR (1st of 3)

Open Letter to the Head of HR

Coming soon, “How To – Not Discriminate” …


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