The Greatest


Chan Marshall, aka Cat Power, became an important artist for me these past years, accompanying me in this mess. Her songs were just there. Her music might be too sad or even depressing for some, but for me it just expresses how I already feel.

Her song, “The Greatest”, off her 2006 album of the same name with its loud, bold and brilliant cover, although not my favourite song of hers, has become a significant song in coping with my brother’s death. In a weird way I don’t understand myself, it has become like a “theme-song”. I used the song for the first video I made for my brother and I remember thinking that I ruined that song for me now, because every time I might listen to it in the future I won’t hear Cat Power’s song, but would get sad or depressed thinking about my brother.

But three+ years on, this song is still strong and has now slowly turned into one of my favourite Cat Power songs, whereas when I heard it for the first time in 2006 when her album came out, the song was “average” to me and other songs from the album were repeats on my playlist, but “The Greatest” wasn’t the greatest song for me.

The song has nothing to do with what I interpret it to be, but for me is standing out in sight of my brother’s passing.

Cat Power is one of those artists that I will never tire listening to and certainly whenever possible will always visit a gig of hers. I even went to a concert of The xx who had a 7-night run (first time ever for a band) at the Brixton O2 Academy in March 2017 with Cat Power in the fifth night as one of the opening acts. The xx lead singer, Oliver Sim, stated that they are fans of Cat Power and since she was in town for her own gig the night before at the Islington Assembly Hall, they invited her to be one of the opening acts, even though their music genres are far apart. But that’s what I love about bands who mix things up because they are passionate about the art and not a formula.

I bought a returned ticket at the box office on the day of a sold-out show to see her opening. Unfortunately her performance got drowned out by the talking and drinking crowd in the 5000 capacity hall. Most weren’t aware what caliber of an artist just went over their heads right in front of them.

Cat’s music, with her own struggles, is music that doesn’t just touch my ears.

Oliver Sim announced Cat Power’s opening, something I have never seen a main (headline) artist do for their opening act.

Brixton Academy The xx ft. Cat Power:


13. March 2017 opening for The xx


The Greatest

Journey of a song…


2006 Jools Holland

2006 Austin City Limits

2013 Roundhouse (going through her own turmoil at the time… with her unique way to “disfigure” songs, even her own into new covers so beautifully)

2014 Union Chapel (less than a month before my brother died…)

2015 Hackney (1st night)

2015 Hackney (2nd night)

The Greatest.

Once I wanted to be the greatest
No wind or waterfall could stall me
Then came the rush of the flood
Stars of night turned deep to dust

Melt me down
Into big black armor
Leave no trace of grace
Just in all your honor

Lower me down
To my culprit south
Make ’em wash a space in town

For the lead
And the dregs of my bed
I’ve been sleepin’ in

Lower me down
Pin me in
Secure the grounds

For the later parade

Once I wanted to be the greatest
Two fists of solid rock
With brains that could explain
Any feeling

Lower me down
Pin me in

Secure the grounds

And the dregs of my bed
I was just dreamin’
Of the later parade

Once I just wanted to be

— Cat Power


In Memory of my big brother TK




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