to the most comprehensive website on Pret A Manger from behind the facade. The Elephant in the room that the press likes to ignore. I declined 4 settlement offers from Pret for my silence.




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2018 Bullying staff killing customers






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2019-06-30 44 staff 50 Clive



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The above slideshow is just a selection, the list goes on in Pret Staff Complaints and extensive accounts of Pret’s systemic bullying behind the facade, even witnessed by a customer: Caught in the Act at Pret.

LINK to >>> Caught in the Act – Bullying at Pret as witnessed by customers.


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I survived Pret in the middle of the trauma of my brother’s death, and on top of it being bullied under Pret’s HR department and Clive Schlee, David Carter and especially Nick Davis.

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>>> The Most Comprehensive Website on Pret <<<

The latest video/slide on the forced happiness and fake smiles low-wage Pret staff have to perform for Mystery Shopper cash incentives and under fear management. The secret behind the Pret smile. I renamed the Mystery Shopper as the “Misery” Shopper:

Other former Pret employees that have their own story with Pret in a long list of complaints:

A “preth8ers” group on facebook that is quite blunt started in 2011 but cannot easily be found as Facebook shadow bans / hides them from public search. I only stumbled on them in early 2019 by accident: “I Hate Pret A Manger” under Facebook.com/preth8ers

And former employee Andrej Stopa who was fired in 2012 for helping to start a Union, but dismissed under the pretense of him allegedly having made homophobic remarks. He started the Pret A Manger Staff Union (PAMSU).

Unfortunately both groups aren’t very active currently, but just to link to them as well for current Pret employees’ reference, that there is a Pret Union among all the other better known and very active Unions like the BFAWU and IWGB. The BFAWU is the most informed about Pret, and both BFAWU and IWGB are very keen to help Pret workers.

“Shadow banned” (censored) on social media
At times I am shadow banned (secretly censored) where my posts are hidden from the public, my likes are not visible etc. Twitter and Facebook are affected as Pret must have reported me. No new readers can see my tweets, “likes” and won’t find my Twitter and Facebook accounts and posts in search. Only I can see it when logged in, aiming to make me assume as if everything was normal. Only visiting my Twitter profile directly can my Tweets be seen during a ban. My followers won’t be notified of any new posts, “likes” and DMs. Even PRIVATE messages are deleted by Facebook when I add a link in a private or open message to my blog.

Twitter shadow bans can be checked on two sites: ShadowBan.eu and Shadowban.io

In memory of my big brother Thomas

*25.02.1969 ~ 09.12.2014


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