Open Letters to Pret

On these sub-pages I have posted open letters to the Pret A Manger leadership after having worked in Pret for almost 10 years, with the last 3 years in traumatic bereavement and having been bullied during the darkest time of my life under the guidance of HR. I have become very ill and am on a long way to recovery. I want to make this very clear that I am NOT out to hurt Pret, but I have been hurt far beyond Pret can even acknowledge and it has almost cost me my life. After 3 years of my own ill conduct, trauma, coming to terms and trying internally to improve work conditions, especially for the bereaved, I was fired while my father was in intensive care just out of a coma and myself very unwell. I have decided to not be silent anymore, no matter what consequences they throw at me.

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I raised several grievance hearings, became mentally ill after the tricks and traps my managers and the HR department have dealt with me. I have written thousands of emails to Pret (and others) out of trauma and illness, after several email incidences I am describing in the various open letters and articles in my blog.

After almost a year of approaching HR and superiors with no support, I finally contacted Pret’s CEO and only then did some support start like Pret paying for counseling. But all this felt like for show and in case for court. I would go to counseling and after counseling to work and get shouted at. It was like going to the doctor, getting medicine for pain, going home and getting hurt again. Going back to the doctor …

Pret will come up with their story of events, but I have written evidence of my turmoil after having made a full access request of my file and the correspondence about me, according to the Data Protection Act 1998. I have also countless emails from people who still work in Pret about their concern of the work conditions.

I have almost ended my life during this time. Pret’s CEO labelled me his “late night girl” in October 2018, patronizing me in my illness, making light of this turmoil. I was dismissed for my emailing in December 2018 while ill and my father in intensive care, just out of a coma. The “emotional labour” in Pret is inhumane and makes people ill.

If you think my story is way out there, like from a Hollywood film, I would think the same, but keep reading and inquiring. My story is no isolated incident. I am just one of very few people openly speaking about it now, after having tried for 3 years to deal with this internally in Pret. But I was fooled, tricked, discriminated against, and led around in circles that the only way to deal with this is to go public.

Thank you for reading.


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