You Went Gone – Death Came and got me

For my big brother Thomas

*25.02.1969 ~ †09.12.2014





»Death Came And Got Me« ©Rosie Thomas (Added / altered text



An Urn is an even Smaller Domain


An Urn is an even smaller Domain

Not able to contain

A Heart once beating

A Life well beaten down to diminished Pain


A Rock is a restricted Lot

Yet better than a Stone

A Poor Man’s Plot

Forgotten not, and yet it stands alone


To Him who at His cumbrous Door

Bestowed His final Breath

Circumstances know we not

Nor Estimated Death.





Inspired by Emily Dickinson:


A Coffin — is a small Domain,

Yet able to contain

A Citizen of Paradise

In it diminished Plane.


A Grave — is a restricted Breadth —

Yet ampler than the Sun —

And all the Seas He populates

And Lands He looks upon


To Him who on its small Repose

Bestows a single Friend —

Circumference without Relief —

Or Estimate — or End —


Emily Dickinson



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