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and where online “community” finds its true definition!



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I don’t want to be cheesy, weepy, or too emotional here, but I get cheesy, weepy and emotional with this “little” blogger / writer community I am just now getting into. It may be that it will help somewhat to recover my sanity!

But to any writer, check out this wonderful writing place at the Carrot Ranch Literary Community.

Thank you again to Kate for nudging me and not letting go!

I wrote my first “Flash Fiction” 99 Word challenge encouraged by Kate and immediately got addicted! The Case and The Chase with a full list of all the entries of the Stranded Suitcase. And I’m hooked!

This little community of writers and stories I include in my “Hero” section because my writing brain found a wholesome outlet to, at least in a small way, regain my mental health after trauma.

Thank you Charli Mills for hosting and inviting the world of writers to your Ranch! What a huge work you are doing with passion. There are some writers and stories I have already come across in just 3 days where I can learn from, find inspiration and get my mind off the painful things of life and get into much needed fun as Kate gently reminded me!

Lovely! 🙂


The Congress of Rough Writers


P.S. Warning regarding Late Night Girl side effects: I go into moods swings at times as well as working on some “liquid issues”, if that happens where you read something irrational, harsh or confusing, let the horse kick my butt and please ignore and keep going. I am just recovering from 3 years of emotional hell and am working on getting back to normal again … TY


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One thought on “This is where the Internet is at its best

  1. Welcome to a safe place to write! That’s what we are all about — reclaiming, proclaiming, and just plain claiming our creativity through literary art. On a personal level, I understand that grief and trauma is a walk through the fire. The burns never go away, but the more you can empower your creativity, the more refined your experiences will become. Go write for gold.

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