Julie & Buddy Miller #TrumpImpeachment – When you go down


When You Go Down – written by Julie Miller – performed with and produced by Buddy Miller – Nashville, TN – Sept. 2020

Don’t Drink Bleach – Julie & Buddy Miller


Public Service Songs vs. Coronavirus
Musical heroes Julie and Buddy Miller, y’all


»Concerning Bleach«

Don’t, don’t, don’t drink bleach
It will kill you and you will be dead
Don’t, don’t, don’t drink bleach
No matter what the president said

In the president’s mind something malfunctioning lurks
But yours is a fine mind and everything works

So don’t, don’t, don’t drink bleach
It will kill you and you will be dead

Don’t, don’t, don’t drink bleach
No matter what the president said
Don’t drink bleach
it’s bad and it hurts

See if the president would try it first
Don’t, don’t, don’t drink bleach
It will kill you, and you will be dead

— Buddy and Julie Miller



»Stay Home«




Julie Miller is Back!!!


… and I missed it by 2 months!

It’s Christmas and birthday and all the holidays in one!

But I have a feeling, it’s just a one-off thing. Life is short, let’s enjoy it!

One of the best kept secrets in general music. They are the top Americana artists, but the general music scene doesn’t know these gems! Buddy Miller, her husband calls her one of his favourite song writers. She writes most of the songs and has written 60 songs for the new album “Breakdown on 20th Ave. South” of which they chose 12 for the release. Their last album in collaboration was in 2009 and Julie’s solo work goes back into the 1990s.

Illness kept her behind the scenes, and I even wondered if she’s still alive. There is no songwriter, poet, authentic artist that reaches into the depths, and does it without bending to trends like Julie. No couple or duo collaborate like Buddy and Julie Miller!

Their last album together “Written in Chalk” ten years ago was a great album of course, but this new one here is out of this world! It’s only Buddy and Julie, recording in their bedroom and studio at home, and the songs are personal as usual, but very different this time.

And apart from illness and depression, her younger brother died from lightning.

A quote from the Tennessean:

“The record boasts heartfelt tales of losing family members (“Storm of Kisses”), a plea for attention (“I’m Gonna Make You Love Me”) and, accompanied by the oddly soothing hurdy-gurdy, taps into Julie Miller’s affection for documentary films (“Feast of the Dead,” a song literally and poetically about the animals who clean the world by eating the dead).”

Yep, that’s Julie! Unique songwriting, themes and concepts! NO FEAR to touch any subject! But the weird “prophecy” type song writing before her brother died by lightning strike, was that before his death she started writing songs and themes on storms, rain etc.

It reminds me of the Christmas period when I worked and a colleague finished her shift, got dressed to go home and on her way out she picked up a coffee from our counter. She had a really beautiful bag, silver black, rectangular style. It would not suit me, but it really looked great on her. I complemented her on the bag. She said that it used to be her sister’s, but that she died. I remember briefly speaking with her, and then thinking that I cannot imagine how it must be to lose a sibling. But I didn’t know that while I thought that, my brother was already dead.


Brief NPR review of their new album



Buddy & Julie Miller Release Two New Tracks from Their First Album in a Decade: “Breakdown on 20th Ave. South”


purchase, purchase, purchase ….


[ 💛 Favourites 💛 ]


1. 💛 Breakdown On 20th Ave. South 💛


💛 2. Feast Of The Dead 💛 (Brilliant!)


💛3. Everything Is Your Fault💛 (A Julie Miller love song to Buddy)


4. Unused Heart


5. I’m Gonna Make You Love Me


6. 💛 Til Stardust Comes Apart 💛


7. Underneath The Sky


8. Spittin’ On Fire


💛 9. Secret 💛


10. War Child 


11. 💛 Thoughts At 2am 💛


12. Storm Of Kisses


13. Can’t Cry Hard Enough (Bonus Track)

Bonus track, from Julie’s 1994 “Invisible Girl” album. It’s a cover written by David Williams and Marvin Etzioni, and first performed by the William Brothers. Julie made it her own again like every song she covers!


14. 💛 You Make My Heart Beat Too Fast 💛 – LIVE 2019 (Bonus Track)

I cut a short excerpt of their last bonus track that they played live in Nashville 2019. The song is from their 2004 album “Love Snuck Up”. It’s not on YouTube and I just post half the song. Volume UP! Julie’s back!!! 🙂


I used her “Can’t Cry Hard Enough” version for one of my videos for my brother.


Buddy and Julie used to have a combined site BuddyAndJulie.com but now turns into BuddyMiller.com

He also changed his Twitter handle and I thought he disappeared from social media like Julie did. Buddy and Julie’s Facebook.