My Brother

His name is Thomas, he isn’t with us anymore, but his name is still Thomas, that will never change.

When I started this website and blog I started it as, which still runs under this name as well as now also under

Initially I only wrote about my brother as only with poems and videos I made for him and posted on this site. But after my ordeal with Pret A Manger, having also lost my father in March 2018 as well, I started to add the latenightgirl URL to write about my traumatic experience in Pret and show another side behind the PR[et] facade that almost ended my life.

Why I chose this name “late night girl”, well, that came from Pret’s CEO Clive Schlee patronizing me, but I write about it throughout this site. I use this title to “throw” it back at him and Pret.

Even while I dislike having my brother’s memory share one website with my Pret ordeal, I will eventually turn this site back to re-upload some of the poems and videos, and solely write about my brother as well as life in general. As this site has become quite large I periodically hide post entries that don’t seem important at a certain time, so that readers won’t be cluttered with too many blog entries to sieve through, and are lead to posts faster that I find important to share.

I currently don’t have the strength to work on two websites simultaneously, one for solely my brother and the other away from his memory on its own site. But in time I will separate the two sites, as my brother deserves his own space and website in his memory, and not share space with this toxic, greedy and dishonest company that is Pret A Manger.

At times my writings seem angry or bitter to the reader, that may be, but I am not apologizing for it. I almost lost my life in Pret after having worked with integrity, care and skill for almost 10 years. And all that happened to me was that my brother died, and I then became an inconvenience to Pret. My writing helps me overcome this trauma, and at the same time expose this company for what they really are.

How I became a “late night girl”

In memory of my brother.


14 TK crop

Thomas K. *25.02.1969 – 09.12.2014


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