Pret Allergen Death & Customer Warnings to Pret


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Apart from the 9 warnings, Pret under the Director of Risk and Compliance (or more appropriate “Risk-Taking and Complacency”) has ignored, with one also almost fatal, I have started to collect customers’ responses of allergen warnings to Pret regarding the lack of labelling before AND after Natasha Ednan-Laperouse died. Only this having become public now is there some slow reaction happening. But again, only a RE-action to public pressure.

Not only should Natasha’s family pursue Pret in court, but those who have had to go to hospital and those who had allergic reactions from Pret products should file a combined lawsuit against Pret. If Natasha’s death two years ago has just come to light now in 2018, how many more are there?

People asked on Twitter and other social media who should be prosecuted for “murder”, for starters I think it is for sure Jonathan Perkins who walked along the pavement after the inquest with his hands in his pockets as if taking a stroll in the park. And certainly Clive Schlee has to face the music away from his usual sweet-talk and wanting to pay people out for silence. His patronizing response in 2015 to a concerned customer has me at a loss, even though I should not be surprised at his patronizing way.


Clive Schlee in his typical patronizing and self-assured way labelled me his “late night girl” after my ordeal with Pret while he can’t label products to save a life!

Welcome to Pret A Manger, feel free to take a peek behind the scenes and the reality of a company and CEO who mainly cares for the PR(et) machine.

And this from the Guardian report is inconceivable why Pret is not taken to court, quote:

“The family’s lawyer said a photograph of a langar at the store taken eight days after Natasha’s death suggested no sticker was in place. Hyam also said that a visitor to the store in May 2017 found “there were no till stickers to be seen at the till area”.”

Inconceivable that Pret is too rich getting away while small business owners are jailed.

The start of a list of customer concerns, warnings and complaints even before Natasha died, as well as noting that the issue has still not been taken seriously after the public inquest and outrage:


And another-One (CEO’s patronizing response not knowing what to do)

Two (CEO’s poor response to allergic customer’s warning)

Three (Sesame reaction 13 months after Natasha’s death)

Four (Lack of labelling even after Natasha’s death became public)

Five (Customer hospitalized after allergic reaction)

Six (Still lack of labelling after Natasha’s death became public)

Seven (Misplaced Sandwiches without labels)

Eight (Sesame)

Nine (Pine Nuts)

Ten (Mislabeled product: Salmon Artisan Baguette with Sesame having a Veggie Wrap Label on 12. Oct. 2018)

Eleven (Meat soup for a Vegetarian Customer – 27.10.2018)


to be continued …


A tutorial for Pret A Manger:

Labelling for Dummies


2014-07-21 Contains Nuts RFH

Photo taken in London’s Royal Festival Hall cafe 2014.


Pret can label every item with full allergens listed at the end of the day for charity, and rightly so, but has ignored repeated warnings and even deaths until this became public to slowly start trialling labelling from November 2018. That should say it all.


2018-10-20 Pret charity labels2

Pret products for charity with allergen labels. Some labels are at the back of the product.




07. Oct. 2018

Second allergy death in Pret and my question to Pret on 30. Sep. 2018!





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