Quote of the Day #16 – Poor A Manger




I leave the quote as is without correcting the spelling just to leave it in their own words.


“Poor and terrible management.”

i was really looking forward to start my new job back in april this year, my first manger was ok then i had a new one start and my rotas were never correct and on many occasions i went to work to be told i wasnt working, ive just gone back to work after a holiday and after two occasions of phoning to be told i wasnt working i went into work to be told by the manger i had been sacked for not attending !!!! really disappointed and angry with the way ive been treated

Yes, if you were a customer being treated poorly you would get a massive apology and a voucher from Pret after complaining to them. The manager would get into trouble who in turn will put the team member into trouble. Sorry that you were “only” a staff member with no value to them.

And yes, I’ve been there, too. My rota was on a certain schedule, I came in at 5am just to be told that I’m either off that day or due to start at 11am as the manager just changed the rota without first of all asking me and secondly not being bothered informing me of the rota change.

You make plans for the afternoon as you assume you start at 5am just to have to struggle with the manager to get your initial 5am shift back as you made plans for the day/week.

This is typical behaviour from managers who then pressure you to cancel your private plans or look for another shop or job. It is deeply ingrained in management who are incapable and do what they want. Very poor.


2018-07-11 Quote Pret #16

Team Member, Crawley



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