To the liar and the trickster


to the cheater and the faker,

to the power hungry hater,

to the bully and discriminator:

“I ain’t gonna drink your dirty water no more!”

Buddy and Julie Miller »Dirty Water«

Buddy Julie3

One of my favourite songs co-written by my all time favourite artist, singer-songwriter, poet and humane being, Julie Miller, whose songs have pulled me out of dark pits many times! I saw her in concert a few times in the 90s and had a brief encounter with her backstage at a London gig, which was a lovely little highlight.

Julie has been scarce for health-related reasons for many years now, but is still active in writing songs with and for her husband Buddy Miller, whose unmistakable guitar riffs is a unique signature in Julie’s songs and who calls her one of his favourite writers. She is a rare kick-butt artist with a huge heart and voice, whom too few know in the music and art world. I hope she plays live once more and to be able to see her in a gig again.

I think I’ll make “Dirty Water” my theme song for my 10 years Pret A Manger experience. It has certainly become my anti-PR or my PRotest song regarding slick slogans and sweet-talk.


Well I don’t need you hangin’ round my door
Trying to drag me back down to the shore
And I ain’t gonna drink your dirty water no more

Well I got wet from my head down to my legs
And I drank dirty water down to the dregs
But I won’t do it again I don’t care who begs

Dirty water now what’s that for
Dirty water I ain’t drinking no more

You’ve got a lie underneath your tongue where it can’t be seen
And you wanna put the truth on a guillotine
But you might as well put out a fire with gasoline

Well you can serve up dirty water from a golden cup
You can try to lock up the truth but the door won’t shut
Cause the truth just keeps coming out like blood from a cut

Well it sparkles and it shines but it’s just a trick
So you wash it down with a kiss just to get a kick
But that dirty water is about to make me sick

You can try to sweeten dirty water up with grenadine
But I can still read you just like a magazine
And I ain’t gonna drink no more till the water runs clean

Baby you got the kind of love that I can’t afford
And I don’t have a taste for what’s in that glass you poured
No I ain’t gonna drink that dirty water no more

— Buddy & Julie Miller



Buddy Julie
Buddy and Julie Miller



Buddy Julie No Depression cover

“If you should go so far

that you cannot get back

you may not remember

but my heart will not lose track”

— Julie Miller




Brilliant cover by John Mayall



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