The Case

Okay, this is my first challenge I am participating in with the kind encouragement of fellow blogger calmkate via her own 99 words entry. I hope I got it right.

The challenge:

In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about what happens next to a stranded suitcase. Go where the prompt leads you, but consider the different perspectives you can take to tell the tale.




My 99 word entry:

The Case


This is the case of a man who walks the tracks, burdened with a bundle that life over time has loaded on his shoulders. He loves the stillness and the protective feel of the walls. He carries his suitcase and the load on his shoulders as he reaches the threshold of a tunnel, not the light at the end of the tunnel, but the darkness at the end of his life. He leaves his case on the tracks as he doesn’t need it anymore and walks into the tunnel. This is the case of a man who once lived.




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10 thoughts on “The Case

  1. Well done you! I’m impressed that you gave it a go and joined the challenge. You can participate as often as you like but read and comment on some of the other entries, it’s a great community at Carrot Ranch!

    Like it but you said it better in that comment … am super busy now but later in the day when I have time can I edit your original one and send it to you?


  2. Hey thanks Kate, I haven’t replied to any of the other entries, but I like several of them.

    Sorry, my mind isn’t catching up at times, but what do you mean by,

    “Like it but you said it better in that comment … am super busy now but later in the day when I have time can I edit your original one and send it to you?”

    Said what? Edit what?

    Sorry, I get confused nowadays.


    1. Hi,

      thank you, very kind if you.

      This is fun and definately has addiction qualities. “The Case” was my first and it’s super fun.

      The wonderful calmkate led me here.

      I’m a little lost with the pingback thing, but I’ll work it out.

      Unfortunately the suitcase challenge has ended, I almost had a hunge to keep wrting it into a series.

      Thanks for the encouragement.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Charli,

      that’s very kind. Calmkate gave me a push to give it a try and it’s really fun.

      Looking forward to more of your challenges. Your blog looks really great and lively. Thanks fot doing this.


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