My Top 10 Randy Rainbow “Interviews”


I recently discovered this super talented, smart, funny, much needed comedian. Don’t know why I am always so slow discovering these brilliant people, but I can’t watch enough of his brain-stimulating wordplay set to familiar songs and musicals with facial expressions that tops it all! He does the whole production, writing, even the editing, everything, best comedian at least that I have seen in a long time! Brightens up my day after a few years of a loveless and laugh-less life!

I hope he’ll do a piece on the greedy corporate business world and the modern-day slavery type of organizations like Amazon & Co one of these days.




FNN (Fake News Network) correspondence Randy Rainbow, take it away!


A very stable genius



Randy Rainbow interviews the First Family (Rarely enjoyed pukes so much!)



Rudy and the Beast (LOVE THIS!!!)



If you ever got impeached (“For 30-40 years I’ve been watching Flippers” – Such a good show!)



Ivanka Trump (Interview from the See B.S. Broadcast)



Obama (Beautiful interview with “Daddy”)



BUTTONS! (“Do you think the president should be committed?” 😀 )

I do have those tiles in my bathroom! 😀




Commander of Cheese (Interview with Kellyanne Conartist)



How do you solve a problem like Korea (aka Rocketman)



Those were the good old days (“I gladly trade in Jared Kush for just one more Bush”)



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