In My Life

Nena’s music has been around all my life.

40 years of music, her now being 58 years old, still going strong with three of her 5 kids on stage.

Her son joins her in this song and his twin sister being in view in-between, another brother on keyboards… her husband maybe behind the camera like he was in London if he doesn’t play drums …

A love song to life, relationships, family, gains and losses, giving up, falling down, rising up …

This song hit me again today.

My brother and I were always glued to the TV when Nena sang on the German “Hitparade” all those years ago.

I saw Nena in London in a small venue in 2010. I hope to see her live again in a big capacity she always does one of these short days.

I translated this simple song because it needs to be heard outside of the German language. I did a literal translation. I might do a more poetic one that would fit the English language.

To me with all the bullsh*t in this life, it is a love song to life.

And none other than Nena can sing it.

Song translation ©2018


Life is short, with or without drugs, alcohol, sex, sugar, music …

Live, be kind, rock and sing.

Nothing wrong with anything …

Just be kind

Translation ©2018
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13 thoughts on “In My Life

    1. What is so unbearable that people often are nice all their lives to just find themselves trampled on in their worst time of tragedy or vulnerability by powerful people who could use their power to lift up instead of crushing down.

      It is artists like Nena, Joan Baez, Springsteen etc. who give me hope to give the benefit of the doubt again.

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      1. Indeed!

        I just discovered this guy, and I thought I was bad!! Well, he’s 16, who knows how I would have reacted with 16 after what Pret put me through.

        If you don’t see on you phone search “Jackson Racicot Walmart” but I’m sure you know already 😀

        I’m not sure I agree with how he did it, but then again I am ranting on Twitter vs Pret without being 16 😀

        Hope he joins a Union!



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      2. Yes totally, for one by supporting them in being customers and then working for them. Nightmare. In Germany they have 1€ jobs since the early 2000s where the government then tops up missing money. Completely dehumanizing and 100% benefiting companies… I need to stop as I get hopeless.

        Next year I aim to be in a better place and will start getting involved in projects again… Will see what these will be.

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      3. Yes, well put Paul. You are one of the very few who understand what I’m doing. Most people (if they care at all) just think I’m being hostile or bitter. Sure there is an element of anger still, but I feel much much better and actually less to not angry anymore.

        And even though I never ever thought I’ do this publicly and don’t really like to “rant” openly like this as I never used to be like this until all the trauma, the fact that I sling stones at a giant let’s me be at ease that all the abuse this company has put me through needs to be told out loud for my own sake and others.

        But I still want to faze this out and return to my life and leave the whole Pret crap behind. There will be others in the future speaking out, and if my website helps, I did my bit.

        At least one journo took my suggestion and went after Pret, not to mention the Unions and others having an eye on Pret! Super proud of it! My work is done. Anyone else can pick up the baton and run with it. 🙂

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      4. Well, my Twitter account today has been “shadow-banned” secretly censored. Meaning, I can tweet my heart out not realising that NO-ONE will be notified and me Tweets, Hashtags, Likes are hidden! 😀

        Not sure for how long, but have been rattling the cage too much!

        Need a break anyway. But my blog is very busy right now……. lots of traffic!

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