A German Tradition – It’s Like A Religion


“The same procedure as last year, Ms. Sophie?”

“The same procedure as every year, James.”




I grew up with this. On every “Silvester”, a New Year’s Eve tradition where the family gathers around the TV hours before midnight and watch “Dinner For One” without subtitles… and not needing it.

Don’t ask me why this is a German tradition! I have no idea how this became so ingrined into the New Year’s Eve TV program, and when I ask my friends outside of Germany about this tradition, they respond with “Dinner for what?” I’m sure Wiki knows, but for the sake of the “good old days” I’d like to remain in bliss.

I did get bored with this already as a kid watching it every year, but I miss my brother and this reminds me of us being allowed to stay up beyond midnight, sitting and munching away in front of the TV, hours before the fireworks went off.

I also miss our New Year’s text messages, even when we didn’t text New Year’s greeting every year, which didn’t alarm me on 31.12.2014 when I didn’t get a text from him.

I can only say to anyone, keep phoning or texting, or calling or emailing, whichever is your usual means to communicate. Leave a message, no matter if it’s normal that the person on the other side doesn’t immediately reply or not. Do it anyway. You never know if they need to hear, read, see you.

I don’t pray for peace, happiness or success, I just take one day at a time.


Happy New Year to everyone.



Dinner For One



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