Pret A Manger Face Trial after Allergen Death

Trial set for 6th December 2019


LINK: >>>Pret A Manger and Planet Coconut will go on trial after allergy death <<<

0 Trial


And now I understand the recent news that Pret set aside £10m for food allergy scandal. Via

>>> Pret a Manger set aside £10m for food allergy scandal costs, accounts reveal <<<


£10 million is quite a joke compared to the £30 million BONUS that Clive Schlee pocketed after the JAB purchase.

UPDATE Januray 2020

NEW TRIAL in another allergy case regarding unlabelled sesame, after another student, Isobel Colnaghi, allegedly suffered a reaction to a Pret product.
Trial set for 02. November 2020:

Pret NEW Trial Nov 2020

Evening Standard

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