Professional Complainers adding to Mental Stress of Staff


I came across a person on Twitter who complained to Pret that their baguette was over-salted. Now I don’t run to the rescue of Pret to defend them, by all means, but having worked at Pret and having had to deal with countless fake complaints of “customers” who were fishing for a cash refund and/or freebie, or even attention, and stress staff unnecessarily via HQ or Twitter complaints, I explained to this person that Pret does not put “plain” salt in this baguette, or any products at that. And also she said that she “ordered” a baguette in Pret, I explained to her that products are not ordered in Pret! These 2 things gave her away as it being a fake complaint!

She had no photo of the baguette and refused to describe how the over-salted baguette looked like, before then diverting to my spelling because she didn’t know what to say anymore! 😀 I’ve had customers who put a heap of salt on a product, from the salt sachets Pret provides by the sugar and cutlery, then came to me and demanded a refund. When I was new at Pret I fell for it, because I didn’t know that Pret doesn’t put salt like this on products. I was informed by a colleague and later worked in the kitchen for a few weeks to learn how the products are assembled. Since then this number didn’t work with me anymore.

I explained to her that it would be better to find a REAL and truthful reason of complaint to get a freebie.

And then I checked her Tweets and Replies and found the most professional complainer, who also has an “accomplice” who “likes” most her Tweets 😀

Let’s take a deep breath and start this blog entry with some positivity and some heartwarming quotes which this professional complainer either posted or retweeted (lol!). Let’s start with a grateful attitude, shall we?!

2018-02-24 RT about greatfulness


2018-04-24 Quote

“Never be ashamed of who you are” – Yeah, but let’s shame others publicly who work their butts off, hey!


2018-04-13 Hypocisy


So, here’s a handkerchief for poor poor Rosie Gillard



And it is fitting that you see a bunch of toilets on her current (5th January 2020) Twitter profile as it goes well with the fact that some people are so full of shit!

2019-01-05 Rosie Gillard toilets


Now to business. THIS is how Rosie Gillard “lives” the above quotes she quoted or RT’d, and then it makes a whole lot more sense what Sophie McBain wrote in her excellent article on emotional labour, quote:

»Workers are put at high risk of anxiety and burnout, while consumers are emboldened to behave aggressively.«

From The NewStatesman “How Emotional Labour Harms us all” by Sophie McBain.

I hope you’re sitting down and not eating or drinking anything that may get stuck in your throat! This is THE worst “customer” complainer I have ever come across, and I’ve seen a lot as a Team Leader / MOD especially! It’s the frequency and that she seems to be looking for things to complain about, with such coldness, naming and shaming service workers, what makes this so bad. And even where she compliments a staff member, it comes across very manipulative and insincere. I shudder at people’s behaviour like this! And I frankly don’t believe many of her complaints, or the “severity” of her complaints. Apart from the 2 Toilet complaints with photos, there are no photos, just public naming and shaming staff of various businesses.

From the above hypocritical quotes, to this verbal brutality and rudeness towards hard-working, low-paid people. It’s one thing to have a genuine complaint, it’s another to do it seemingly professional and with such coldness and attention seeking towards overworked staff. If this girl was in my business, I would throw her out in a heartbeat! And I’m sure in a small independent business she would not DARE to put this bahaviour on, she would find herself outside faster than she entered! She takes advantage of the political correctness and the aim for profit in large businesses. But low-wage workers are paying the price for her disgusting conduct.

In chronological order starting with a Tweet she tweeted into the atmosphere without explanation or tweeting as a response to someone, just an insult into air, like as so many of her Tweets by her “accomplice” who equally is looking for fault and wants to go the “extra mile” in customer service:

2018-10-11 Full of shit

Look it the mirror cupcake, look in the mirror!


2018-02-12 H&M

2018-07-04 Nandos

2018-07-05 easyJet

I don’t blame them, bunny, or are those pigs ears?


2018-08-05 H&M


2018-09-28 Argos

2019-02-27 Premier Inn


Here she RT’d someone complaining about OTHER people’s selfishness who gave HER a GIFT and wrote her a note on the gift tag! 😀 The ungratefulness and appalling, really embarrassing rudeness to call the gift giver “selfish”, because they wrote a note on the tag of THEIR gift to her!

I am rarely for loss of words, but this one did it! And Rosie RT’d this, as this rudeness and ungratefulness is just up her alley!

2019-03-15 RT about selfish to write on gift tags


2019-04-01 Heathrow


2019-04-21 Argos

I have never even seen or heard a Pret customer being so disgusting and rude! And some are bad! But this gal tops them all, hands down!


2019-04-21 Argos2

2019-07-22 Tesco


2019-07-28 Heathrow T3


2019-09-14 Nandos


2019-12-29 Pret

Link to my conversation with her. Her complaint is fishy for many reasons! 😀

And I finish with how I started, with her words to hit home the appalling hypocrisy and viciousness she portrays. Absolutely disgusting!

2018-04-13 Hypocisy

Well smile Rosie Gillard customer police! Smile!

And in case she deletes the feed, here are the screenshots. My conversation with her was before I saw her professional complaining feed to different companies:

2019-12-29 Rosie fake complainer 00


2019-12-29 Rosie fake complainer 02


2019-12-29 Rosie fake complainer 03


For new readers of my blog, please read on Emotional Labour. I collected articles and write on it myself of the abuse by companies and customers alike. I know from having lived and worked with many people, in many places, that sooner or later this kind of attitude will bite her in the butt. I hope she’ll learn her lesson sooner rather than later, because otherwise she would make a bitter old woman should she continue on this path.

A collection on Emotional Labour articles from my own experience and from brilliant journalists and researchers:

>>> The Dangers of Emotional Labour

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The above slideshow is just a selection, the list goes on in Pret Staff Complaints and extensive accounts of Pret’s systemic bullying behind the facade, even witnessed by customers:

Caught in the Act at Pret

How Pret forces low-wage workers via Mystery Shoppers to always smile, eye contact, chat etc. no matter if bereaved, ill, pregnant etc.




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