… and how it hurts people, especially in the service industry.

This page is dedicated to the subject of Emotional Labour (or Labor for American readers).

I will link any article I have written as well as those I found on the Net from journalists, researchers, customer service workers etc.

I have survived this even during already traumatic bereavement in Pret A Manger. I firmly believe that the forced smiles, fake happiness and cheeriness employees have to portray, does not only link to mental health issues like depression, alcoholism, emotional instability, I believe it can lead to suicide if a person is already vulnerable due to mental health problems, anxiety, grief etc.

If you as the reader have experienced Emotional Labour as damaging to your mental health or you have read a good article on this, or even seen a film covering this subject, feel free to contact me, I can add it to this link with credits.

I start with my own experience and articles from this blog. I am not a professional, no researcher, doctor etc. I am someone who has survived this and speak from my own traumatic experience. I write loud and blunt because it almost destroyed my life. Life is too short for BS and political correctness. Thanks for reading.










  • NEW – Not really a new article, but newly added to my list here. I just stumbled across this one and it’s a good piece: Pret A Mourir -Quote: »I borrowed the title for this post from my friend Anton of Generation Bubble, who forwarded me a link to this NYT article by Stephanie Clifford about Pret à Manger« –Pret A Mourir


  • NEW Secrets to Great Customer Service A blog post I wrote in response to the recent increased (seemingly recruited) customer Tweets on the smiley Pret staff everywhere. I mention “seemingly recruited” because since about a week, starting in the beginning of October 2019, these types of often similar sounding Tweets have increased rapidly every day, after I started to spill the beans on the Emotional Labour via Mystery Shopper incentives and fear management in a YouTube slide:


UPDATE 01. October 2019

I have to add these Glassdoor results that the former CEO Clive Schlee left with. Schlee let Pano Christou (who came from McDonald’s management) take over on Glassdoor in July 2019 already, even thought Schlee’s official “retirement” was announced for September 2019 and a final farewell was tweeted by Pret on 20. September 2019.

The fear management and public blaming, shaming and humiliating Pret HQ does when shop managers fail, I want to turn the tables and show the public WHO is behind the forced smiles and emotional labour practices that hurt staff mentally, emotionally, physically and financially.

I tweeted to the press that Clive Schlee is retiring as he and Pret couldn’t even announce this themselves, but Schlee clumsily responded to a farewell Tweet on 30. June 2019.
On 01. July 2019, I tweeted to the press that in turn after confirmation from HQ “broke” the news on Twitter that day.

A well-wisher’s farewell Tweet to Schlee on 30. June 2019, BEFORE any official announcement by Pret or Schlee. Clive Schlee even responded to the well-wisher – stupid!

quiet retirement



My Tweet to the press after I wrote a blog entry about Schlee’s legacy (Glassdoor scores):

2019-07-01 ExPret tweet to the press retirement



When Pret finally made the official announcement on 01. July 2019, AFTER my Tweet to the press, a person / customer pointed out the poor Glassdoor scores:

2019-07-01 Tweeter re Glassdoor



2019-06-30 44 staff 50 Clive


And mid July 2019 Clive Schlee quickly let Pano Christou take over on Glassdoor, even though Schlee’s retirement was set for September 2019.

2019-07-15 Pano Christou CEO


Pano Christou deleted his Twitter account on 01. July 2019 after my blog entry on Schlee’s retirement. But he blocked me already since 2018:

2019-04 Blocked by Pano


2019-07-01 COO Pano Christou Twitter


@ChristouPano’s Twitter account turned into a deleted page on 01. July 2019 after I linked to his account on my blog about Schlee’s retirenment:

2019-07-01 COO Pano Christou Twitter DELETED


But another Pano Christou from Canada took on this handle in mid September 2019: @ChristouPano. And since Pret’s Pano Christou is different than Schlee, he won’t have a Twitter account and put his foot in his mouth like Schlee does.


Final farewell Tweet about Schlee’s retirement. Yet, he’s still on Twitter as the CEO @Cliveschlee now on 01. October 2019.

2019-09-20 Schlee retirement final announcement



So, I wonder if the lack of smiling led to Christou’s poor scoring on Glassdoor. Updated 30. September 2019.

I keep asking for independent investigation into staff suicides and have written about Pret’s and Clive Schlee’s unprofessional and incapable conduct behind the scenes and on Twitter. Pret demands perfection from its staff, so here we are, here’s how the leadership is doing:

2019-09-30 Pano 38 26



—> Clive Schlee’s Late Night Girl – articles



I worked at Pret A Manger for almost 10 years and survived systemic workplace bullying during bereavement that involved HR, the top leadership, HQ and even the CEO Clive Schlee. I declined 4 settlement offers if I am silent about my ordeal. But I rather starve and speak out to help others. For an overview of important blog entries of my experience with Pret, please visit “My Ordeal with Pret A Manger”. The little arrow to the right next to each heading will lead directly to the post.
I also tell my story for the first time verbally in this >>>
podcast interview based in California, and wrote an article in the Scottish Left Review.
Thank you for reading/listening.




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