Self Sabotage: Living with PTSD

I re-blog this because it is important. I have been on the UK mental health waiting list for therapy for 3 years now and haven’t even been diagnosed yet. But I believe I suffer PTSD or even C-PTSD with the double trauma of my brother’s complicated death AND having been bullied in Pret.

I sabotage myself now in pain and not wanting to go on.

I’ve lost hope, and now with the worldwide trauma of the virus how can anyone find help?

20 minute Podcast:

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Suuko's Spiritual page

Trapped inside your head

The podcast talks about what it is like to live with PTSD and constantly believe that something bad may happen. It also talks about coping skills one can develop to get out of the vulnerable state.

Listen to “Self Sabotage series: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” on Spreaker.

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