Travis Scott Betrays his Fans for a living


I’m leaving all the extremely foul language in below post which are direct quotes from Travis Scott and are not bleeped out on YouTube. WordPress has moved my blog to the “Adult” section because Pret A Manger don’t like to be exposed. Therefore, I might as well leave all the words in. So, reader discretion advised.

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I usually don’t give a subject its own blog post outside of Pret A Manger issues, but this one shook me to the core.

I’ve never heard of Travis Scott before the 5th of November 2021 because my genre and artists are elsewhere. Until the news flooded with the Astroworld concert tragedy in Houston, TX on Friday 5th November 2021 where 8 concert goers died and hundreds were injured.

Investigation is ongoing as I write and multiple lawsuits are hailing down on Travis Scott and all involved who put on this gig.

It didn’t take me half a day to get more than a glimpse of what type of “artist”, no, what type of PERSON Travis Scott is. Born as Jacques Bermon Webster II, he may have issues with his father and general authority figures, who knows. He certainly had clashes with his father when he tried to follow his love for making music.

After only a little bit of research into his behaviour at concerts and towards his mainly young fans, who PAY money to see him, I can only think of 3 words for Scott:





In a nutshell:

Narcissist = He has an inflated ego, thinking only about himself.
Psychopath = No empathy for others’ suffering.
Sadist = He encourages and enjoys other people’s suffering.

In Detail (links open in a new window):

No disrespect, I’m a artist
(kicking off a hired camera man because Travis felt he wasn’t the center of attention)

I don’t know if you’re scared, I don’t know if you’re nervous, I don’t know what it is, but if you want to come into this pit, this is your last chance. right now…”
(enticing, manipulating fans to storm to the front, disregarding security).

In above clip, he sounds like an evangelical preacher, manipulating the crowd to come to Jesus who saves their souls to hell. “I see you, I see you … Security, let em through, security let em through …”

His typical “I see you! I see you! I see you!” like he did with the young man who let himself fall off the balcony getting paralyzed.

Jacques Bermon Webster II aka Travis Scott KNOWS EXACTLY what he is doing!

A kid who goes to his or any concert, whose parents are too busy to SEE him or her, he/she LIVES for authority figures like Travis Scott to SEE them.

Travis Scott knows exactly what he’s doing.

Music is just a vehicle for a sick psychopath like Travis Scott. He’s not an artist. He “sings” on auto-tune (the BIGGEST cheat in music for singers!) and jumps and screams around. He is a bully.

Whatever made him like this is not my concern. As a life-long concert goer, and someone who’s lost my whole family, my thoughts and devastation is for those who died and their family and friends.

Here, the language of a sadistic psychopath:

All you sorry motherfuckers on the side, put your fucking hands up man! … these motherfuckers here (center) are called “ragers”. You all over there are called scared motherfuckers…”
(always demanding 150% participation and non-stop “raging”, manipulating young people to do whatever Travis Scott demands. Whoever doesn’t participate is a loser in Travis Scott’s eyes and can go home. Scott lets his young fans know what he expects, creating peer pressure! A classic BULLY by the book!)

I went to many, many concerts in my life since I was 16 years old in 4 or 5 countries including punk and rock concerts, not as big as this one, but quite a few large venues (O2 Arena London, Wembley etc.) packed with people. I love all kinds of music, hip hop, grime, pop, electronic, folk, classical, rock ….. all music. And I always avoid crowded spots in venues. But I’ve never experienced even a HINT of danger or hostile environment in ANY concert I’ve ever visited. The sheer horror of what these fans went through is outside of my imagination or potential nightmare.

And I don’t just write this because Travis Scott led multiple fans like sheep to the slaughter at Astroworld 2021, but this “artist” ONLY “sings” on auto-tune. He doesn’t dance, and whatever little pseudo-robot moves he does is a farce! He gets a little “elevated” on a joke of a platform where he clinches his hand to while jumping like a toddler. Hold tight P!nk wannabe!!!

In contrast, artists like P!nk flies through the air and does acrobatics WHILE singing LIVE!

Or Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl being beamed down from the sky. Or Katy Perry on a huge lion, balancing while singing. Or Mötley Crüe’s drummer Tommy Lee drumming on his head on a semi-rollercoaster type structure and only stopping because the structure malfunctioned half-way through with Lee on his head! And this performance feat Lee did at 52 years of age!!! And many, many other artists who are PROPERLY talented and put in the hard work AND safety care!

And needless to mention Michael Jackson, Prince, Whitney Houston etc. who dripped with sweat and talent performing LIVE without this freaking auto-tune cheat!

These and more are and were old-school TALENTED ARTISTS who give fans their money worth and a safe trip home! But this generation is being cheated out of REAL performances! And they don’t only pay a sh!tload of money in tickets and merch, they now paid with their lives for it, not of their fault!

And this cheat, Travis Scott, who bullies his fans who made him rich, in contrast to Tommy Lee’s monster performance, rides with Kylie Jenner on a little kindergarten cart above the crowd. Cute. And at Astroworld’s tragic gig clinches to the safety barrier of a little elevated stage and jumps a little, having a birds-eye view of the crowd he claims to not have been aware what was happening right beneath his feet! All while 8 of his fans die, hundreds suffer injuries and pockets of the crowd and individuals close to the stage desperately scream in one voice “Stop the show! Stop the show! Stop the show! …”

How does Scott respond?

Who asked me to stop? Who asked me to stop? Put your hands up”
(and the music starts again for the next song).

Imagine yourself on the floor and a pile of bodies pressing down on you, you try desperately to breathe and can’t even whisper for help anymore. And all you hear is some auto-tune guy’s music continuing, maybe even a favourite song of yours while you die.

All this after Scott SEES an ambulance in front of him in the crowd, and all he says is:
What the fuck is this?” And straight after this instructing the crowd: “Everybody put your middle finger up in the sky” … and the music starts again.

Travis Scott NEVER instructed the crowd to please step aside to let the ambulance come and go easily.

He NEVER asked his crew what’s going on …

“What the fuck is this…put middle finger to the sky… 2 hands in the sky… I want to make this mother fucking ground shake, god dammit!

Short time later a guy is DANCING on top of the ambulance and Scott, with Drake, sing happily ever after … Not even Drake asks to stop or talks to Scott what’s going on with the ambulance in the crowd. And the screwed up “irony” is, someone in the crowd is holding a large white sign with the words: “Will We Survive“! Maybe because Travis is known for wanting injuries in the mosh pit.

Die-hard fans “argue” on social media that Scott (as well as Drake) couldn’t see and hear everything. Well, he saw a guy in a tree in the DARK and instructed the crew to put the lights on him, so the audience can see him. He praised the guy in the tree, like he always praises fans who jump off the balcony or “rage” and injure themselves. He never instructed the lighting crew to put the light on the ambulance and for the crowd to MOVE and make space! He never praised the ambulance or asked his team what the fuck is going on and if he needs to stop the show! Travis Scott KNEW EXACTLY what he was doing!

Someone on Twitter made an interesting observation that Scott kept going, even after seeing the ambulance and saying “Who asked me to stop…” that Scott kept going because it was shortly before Drake came out who was the surprise guest that many fans speculated would be there.

Scott SAW the ambulance and just asked WTF that is and then continued the show. Then Drake also kept singing while a moron was dancing on the ambulance. This moron, another psychopath named Daniel Vargas later called the crowd, “baby butt soft” on Instagram. He further wrote, quote: “This is how I know the crowd was full of soft-bottomed people. We get really mad, sorry guys, you want to have a sad day because of that. With that, it’s tragic what happened, but don’t blame me, I just came to have fun and did it …”

He should face prison for hindering medics and showing no respect and regard for those injured and killed!

Scott keeps “singing” all-the-while people were dying and passing out in front of him and desperate pleas to stop the show, including a young woman and man going up to the camera man … Heartbreaking.

Sure, he stopped the show briefly when he saw someone passed out. But then he started “auto-tuning” again WHILE WATCHING the young man, who either passed out or dead, being carried out.

But he also stopped the show early on to recognize a friend in the VIP section saying, “I got my man Tom Sachs in the motherfucking building (pointing to Sachs close to the stage, the artist who designs sneakers Scott advertises) Legend! Whatever you need … Yo, Mike Brown (looking for someone else close to the stage) make sure he’s good

Then he continued the show. Well, Mr. Scott, your FANS needed life-saving help and they were NOT good!

At another concert, I think in Switzerland (?), he spit on a fan who allegedly took Travis’ shoe when Travis jumped into the crowd. Scott CHOSE to stage dive into the crowd, no-one pulled him in, no-one pushed him like a crazed person once did to Robbie Williams. Here it would have been completely understandable for an artist, in this case Robbie, to flip out at the person who pushed him from BEHIND into the crowd full force, endangering him and fans! But with Travis Scott, we’re talking about a SHOE here!

Or Mark Schultz, singer from the kick-ass rock band Cage The Elephant, who’s known for his amazing crowd surfing and standing on fans’ shoulders and hands while singing. His shoes get regularly taken and he even described his FAVOURITE fan encounter moment where his shoe got taken, and he ONLY had one pair of shoes at this particular gig, having to take a flight the next day. Funny and lovely story Travis Scott can learn from: Mark Schultz on losing his shoe. Or the same Mark Schultz who visited with a fan after a gig, who got injured, to inquire what happened and how she’s doing, then profusely apologizing. That’s proper rock ‘n’ roll and a caring, responsible artist!

And Scott too, CHOSE to jump and crowd-surf! Artists who jump into the crowd or mosh pit often get their shoes or other items taken/stolen. It comes with the territory. And Travis loves rounding up a crowd to “rage”! And then he couldn’t take it!

So, what does little sensitive boy Travis Scott do? He throws a fit, spits on the “thief” and orders the crowd to become a mob and “Fuck him up! Fuck him up!” He then keeps on spitting on the fan and orders him to leave the venue. I’ve seen many clips where fans threw glass bottles at singers and band members in rock concerts which is underneath the belt for sure! But the angry singer then just instructed security to take the person out. And the most “aggressive” thing the singer did was just cursing out the fan! But spitting on a person and instructing the crowd to beat up the fan is despicable and shows what arrogant scumbag of a person Travis Scott is!



What is shocking here to me as well is, that the security guards, whose job it is to protect the artists AND the fans, just assist Scott in bullying the fan with the help of fellow fans. The guards did NOT hold Travis back to protect the young fan from Travis AND the crowd. It’s just a fucking shoe man! And Travis Scott went out of his way to pour his wrath over the boy. And I can’t stop thinking what physical, as well as mental damage this fan suffered to this day!


In a nutshell: Travis Scott is dangerous, he should NEVER ever be allowed to stand on a stage ever again.

He pleaded guilty a couple of times before for enticing the crowd to riot. One fan became paralyzed after Scott told him to not be afraid to jump from the balcony into the crowd.

Sure, fans shouldn’t just jump or follow all instructions of an artist, but come on, we all know that young people are easily influenced and entranced by what they feel like is their hero. We’ve all been there! Don’t victim blame now!

And Travis Scott KNOWS that very, very well! He should face prison to be frank! He is a narcissist, a psychopath and enjoys his fans getting hurt. He calls for chaos and rage again and again. He disregards and disrespects security, enticing fans to jump the fence and tells guards “fuck you, fuck you”, when they just try to do their jobs, protecting the artists and fans.

Travis Scott more than betrayed his fans, he led them like sheep to the slaughter. And it makes perfect sense that he uses his giant head and mouth as an entrance for Astroworld, literally chewing up and swallowing his fans! I’m not into Illuminati or demonic sacrifice conspiracy. But it is very fitting and I’m sure Travis Scott uses his giant head figure to show how he swallows his fans like food and how he regards them. Many came out dead and many more injured! He spits on his fans, he swallows them, and then he spits them out like trash!

Sure he now reimburses all the tickets and pays for the funerals, but this piece of work should face prison. UPDATE: 11.11.2021, news is coming out that the funeral costs and therapy help is a scam!

All thoughts to the families and friends who lost a loved one, and to the survivors who are traumatized for life!

UPDATE: 12.11.2021

A leaked audio of a first responder or paramedic at the “front-lines” of a war-zone, who speaks to someone who seems to be in charge of the Team and begs for the show to stop as people were not breathing. The response was: “You guys are doing well, take a breath … everyone’s doing a good job. Now listen, what I need from people is to get things under control at the medical tent …help is coming, just take a deep breath and relax …”

And the show went on. Death toll risen to 9 people now. The ninth victim, 22 year old Bharti Shahani, was lifted from the crowd on a stretcher unconscious. Then the 4 or 5 strong police men dropped the stretcher. She crashed on the ground slamming head first while already unconscious. She was later declared brain dead.

I’m trying to contain myself as news on this keep coming out, including security guards who were hired WITHOUT having to show ID and WITHOUT ever having worked as security guards and one guy hired, not even having ever been at a concert!

You know when you drop an item out of your hand from a shelf or a table, and the item bounces from the shelf to a table to a chair … and keeps dropping and dropping further and falls into a hole in the floor … this is how this event is, it keeps getting worse and worse, where you thought it is already as bad as it gets! Heartbroken for the families! Simply at a loss for words right now!



UPDATE: 15.11.2021

The sad news of 9 year old Ezra Blount now having died as the 10th victim. Oh no, don’t anyone jump on that victim-blame bandwagon! Ezra’s dad will suffer for the rest of his life and will blame himself forever. A post on Twitter mentioned that Ezra’s dad saw his son only on weekends. And dads who have certain visiting rights, or due to work are seldom at home, often want to make up big time for it. As Ezra was a huge fan of Travis Scott, it’s understandable that his dad wanted to make up for lost time.

But apart from that, no-one should be blamed for going to a concert, no matter what artist they see, where they then end up injured or killed! This victim-blame culture needs to stop. I will ignore and mute any victim blamer on social media, so don’t even waste your time!


UPDATE: 15.11.2021 (but from 07.11.2021, I just found it)

I’m learning as I go here.

How Travis Scott became so huge. Now it all makes sense how this psychopath got that far and what it tells us about this global greed and our willingness to be hypnotized by this! From his former Manager Shane Morris who calls Scott “genuinely a horrible person” on TikTok. Although keep in mind, Shane Morris admits to having aided Scott to stardom via his job and he gives a lot of insights in less than 1 minute how Facebook (Meta), Twitter and the like manipulate likes/stats etc. While Morris spills the beans, I find it eerie though how he laughs at the end when he tells how he enhanced Scott’s visibility “via the wrong means”:


Reply to @user45600501586078 What does software have to do with music? #software #spillthetea #behindthescenes #travisscott #astroworld

♬ original sound – Shane Morris


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