A Sack of Potatoes in a Cotton Field


It weighs heavy on the rich

because poverty is a burden

while white cotton is more precious

than dirty green, yellow, brown-ish things

that is peeled before trying

hailing bullets

in the sun

©2020 poetrasblok.com





#BlackLivesMatter #WhiteLivesShatter


… yet again!


White police crime, racism, hate … needs to stop!



2016 Documentary on the founding of #BlackLivesMatter

2020 is just a continuation and a LOUDER cry for justice!

NOTE: This is a documentary, from 2016, (and I watched the whole piece!), there is NOT ONE MENTION of Obama in this piece.

Where was Obama when his folk got killed on the street?

The love for money and power and recognition, the safety of riches … kills people.