Quote of the Day 67 – Pret A Lacking Staff


This latest review from 30. Jan. 2019 is what I wrote about in my other blog entry where I suspect fake reviews that are written for Pret. These fake looking reviews all share how short they are, no precise detail, very vague, “fun” appears a lot and identical reviews in short succession to fill up the latest / top spots.

But the real reviews will always keep coming, so I’m not bothered.

And this barista review shares very clearly how understaffed most Pret shops are. Cutting staff to maximize profit. And then customers flock to Twitter armed with photos of appalling coffees, half empty cups etc. Customers don’t realize that staff have 1 minute to serve or risk losing the Mystery Shopper bonus.

I write about this extensively in “Pret A Manger Reviews” and on a YouTube comment on how Pret staff are “motivated” with fear “Pret A Scared“.


Quote of the day:


2019-02-02 Pret A Lack of Staff



2019-02-02 Pret A Lack of Staff




Featured in “Quotes of the Day” selected Pret reviews and long list of “Pret Staff Complaints“.



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2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day 67 – Pret A Lacking Staff

    1. Yes, unfortunately.

      I am more than sure that in the future more things will surface and films, docus will be made, books and articles written on various subjects regarding Pret, from the initially good customer service idea of giving freebies to build and maintain a customer base, which I find indeed a good way to gain and retain customers…
      to the facade of the fake happiness that is motivated by a “bi-polar” strategy of financial incentives if successful, and fear management if unsuccessful…
      to the marketing strategies…
      to the con of natural food where weed killer traces were found …
      to how the senior leadership play the “good cop, bad cop” game…

      The CEO being the smiley, approachable head of the company (good cop) while there is a systemic bullying environment and poor lower leadership on the “front lines” in the shops (bad cop), but all have the same objective, squeeze as much out of the majority to enrich the few at the top.

      The fish stinks from its head and no amount of “charity” and using vulnerable people (former homeless, school leavers etc.) for PR can forever cover up the fowl stench that is oozing out from underneath the carpet.



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