Pret A Manger: Ready to Cheat – Eat – Repeat


Here’s a labeling issue and Pret’s passive aggressiveness!

Remember when you were a kid and your mum or dad caught you doing sh!t?

And they reprimanded you?

And what did you do?

You sulked or threw a fit!

Of course you did!

The following is a fit that Pret A Manger threw and this is verbatim.

I’m sure I missed a thing or two!

And all so very “natural”! If anyone has NOT yet noticed that the word “natural” has disappeared off Pret’s signage and packaging, I explain why here: Pret A Manger – Ready to (ch)eat

And now: PLEASE READ THE LABEL! I have written it down below:





»Has anyone tried the new @Pret Meatless Meatball hot wrap yet? The best part of this was that it’s soy, mushroom, aubergine and courgette free«

No, I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve read the label that you posted, and it’s full of repeats.

And wheat!

“Wheat” which is in bold, like someone copied ingredients of the Internet looking for gluten-free ingredients!

Hey Pret A Manger, when, when, when, I repeat, WHEN will you care for others than just for yourselves?

The Ingredients:


Pea Protein

Rapeseed Oil

Roasted Onion


Shea Oil



(so far so good)


Methyl Celliulose

Dried Onion

Coconut Oil

Pea Fibre

Potato Starch


Yeast Extract


Caramelised Carrot Concentrate

Dried Potato

Extracts (Beetroot, Raddish, Tomato)

Sunflower Oil


Leek Powder

Concentrated Lemon Juice

Bay Leaf

Sage Oil

Kibbled Rye Wrap

(Wheat Flour (Wheat Flour, Calcium Carbonate, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin)

The above is verbatim incl. the messed up ( ( )

Water (again)

Malted Rye Flakes

Rapeseed Oil (AGAIN!)



Raisin Agents


Sodium Bicarbonate

Dried Fermented Wheat Flour


Mono- and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids,

Salt (AGAIN!)

Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid; Wheat Starch; Flour Treatment Agent:L-Cysteine)

Above is verbatim (Again!)

Bell Pepper

Red Onion


Cherry Tomato

Semi-Dried Red Pepper

Rapeseed Oil (AGAIN!!!)

Muscovado Sugar

Tomato Concentrate

Red Wine Vinegar

Sunflower Oil (AGAIN!)

Chipotle Pepper

Water (AGAIN!)

Palm Oil (Oh sh!t)

Tomato Paste

Wheat Flour (AGAIN Again again aaaagain!!!)

Salt (Ay-Gain!)

Maize Starch

Garlic (AGAIN!)

Sugar (Yeah honey baby, again!)

Concentrated Lemon Juice (Yawn!)

Vinegar (NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW!!!)

Dried Garlic (We love repeats!)

Dried Herbs (YAY! Bingo! First ime!!!)

Black Pepper (I love black pepper on hot chocolate! Beautiful 🙂 )

THICKENER: Xanthan Gum

Flavouring, Cayenne Pepper, Basil Flavouring, Squatty Potty (I added the last one 😉 )



I worked at Pret A Manger and survived systemic workplace bullying during bereavement that involved HR, the top leadership, HQ and even the now “retired” former CEO Clive Schlee. I declined 4 settlement offers if I am silent about my ordeal. But I rather speak out to help others. For an overview of important blog entries of my experience with Pret, please visit “My Ordeal with Pret A Manger”. The little arrow to the right next to each heading will lead directly to the post.
An incomplete list on what other Pret staff say about Pret’s bullying environment: Caught in the Act Bullying at Pret.
I tell my story for the first time verbally in below audio player interview on a podcast by The Adam Paradox, and wrote two articles in the Scottish Left Review.

Thank you for reading/listening.

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