And Another-One Again


“I went to Pret *today* thinking you’d learned your lesson. My daughter is allergic to egg. Allergic lists were hidden away. Your staff could not confirm the ingredients on children’s products after 20 mins of online research & calls. You should be utterly and deeply ashamed.”


6 thoughts on “And Another-One Again

    1. Yep. Success makes blind, mixed with arrogance… but you know sooner or later someone responsible at the top will have to face the music. This now is on Pret’s resume FOREVER. This will never go away under the carpet.

      I’m deeply ashamed having worked there.


    2. P.S. I’ve been thinking about your perplexness and question, from my experience with the Pret top leadership, especially Clive Schlee, CEO, he to me often came across as someone in denial. Putting his head in the sand, blaming downwards and wanting the toxic HR dept. to deal with issues he himself didn’t want to face up to.

      Of course HR and the rest of them do the dirty work, pleasing their boss. That is why I also think the attitude of the Director of Risk & Compliance (I call it Risk-Taking and Complacency”!) has this casual attitude I describe here.

      I was shocked when I saw him strolling down the pavement after the inquest finished with his hands in his pockets, as if he was going for a walk in the park, before he then took on a different posture.

      Terrible and arrogant leadership. But the CEO I think a lot of it is denial, he thinks himself invincible. Pride does come before the fall. He may get away with it, but not in the public eye.

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      1. Yes, but most people don’t care. Customers are so used and conditioned to the easy access of Pret in every corner in London and expanding fast. But at the end of the day,when the CEO and those responsible look back on their lives should they be lucky enough to be sane on their death beds,I don’t want to be in their skin.

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