Mental Disability


is something that happens to people.

Let me explain.

It’s like a physical disability.

You are born with it or you have an accident become physically disabled.

And don’t anyone dare to PC me on the term!


Mental disability is when someone is born

with a mental disability

or someone who developed it through trauma


Today we bask in the term of “MENTAL HEALTH”

and yet, we discriminate

to those of us who s*ffer


Kindest regards


13 thoughts on “Mental Disability

      1. I don’t know anything about UK mental health but I know it’s very much the same here in the US. It’s quite shameful to be considered mentally ill here. There is help in connection to people who care. I think all of us have mental illness at some point, just like our bodies have illness, because we all experience pain. But because it’s considered “abnormal” and “weird” it’s not talked about. The grief and frustration and being misunderstood leave us feeling disenfranchised and very much alone. But you’re not alone. I’ve been a bit AWOL recently but I am one of those who care about you, though we’ve never met. I was glad to see your post today. I’m trying to pay more attention to my reading, slowly returning to balance. Again. I left all social media except Pinterest, so I’m glad we’re connected here on WordPress. *big hugs* ♥.

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      2. Yes, don’t worry Niki, I understand checking out of Social Media, I don’t like it either. I’m only on there to expose Pret.

        Don’t worry about not paying much attention to my writings, it’s totally fine, I only write to expose and cope myself. Writing helps not to keep it inside.


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      3. If I didn’t have to sleep I’d read instead. You write well and with passion. One person can change things. Keep writing. You know I was just reading a story about a 97-year old man who saved an entire town by painting doodles on buildings. He covered the town in art and people rallied around him. Your words reach hearts. All tyrants meet a reckoning, especially when eyes begin to turn their way. Also, I’m with you — writing helps me not keep it inside too. I published something recently I’d kept locked. I wrote it two months ago. I felt better immediately after publishing it but it was so hard to push that button. ♥.

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      4. I’m so sorry. This is terrible news. I feel so sad for their families. *hugs* You are helping people. Keep going. People care. Your podcast interview will help people. I pressed it today. ♥.

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