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This link My Pret A Manger Ordeal is a simple and easier overview to link straight to some of the most important blog entries, summarizing my trauma with Pret A Manger. There is much more writing on my website / blog, but the links on the map are the main articles to narrow down, pointing to the main writings of my trauma with Pret.

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P.S. Twitter “shadow banned” some of my Tweets, please google what shadow banning means. I responded to Twitter’s right out lie about it, and even then can’t find my Tweet when logged out, and one example of many where Twitter shadow banned my Tweets Regarding the first Pret customer death.


2018-12-23 my twittel star re to shadow ban lie1




2018-12-23 my twittel star re to shadow ban lie2

Twittel Twittel Little Star…



2018-09-30 Pret death tweet shadowban1

My Tweet visible when I’m logged in



2018-09-30 Pret death tweet shadowban2


My Tweet hidden when logged out, completely different feed even though same URL

This same URL is: https://twitter.com/Pret/status/1045671338260787201

ending with: 1045671338260787201 but when logged in I see my tweets, when logged out ALL my tweets are gone / hidden from everyone else, making me think everything is ok. I assume my tweets are tweeted, my likes are done etc. but only I see it. My followers are NOT notified of new tweets or DMs and can only see my tweets, what I write in DMs when they go straight to my Twitter feed or their DM inbox which most won’t as they are not notified while I am shadow banned … It’s a secret censorship Twitter denies doing on behalf of those with money and power.


I will do an extra blog entry in detail on what exactly shadow banning is with my own Tweet examples, and that many people are affected on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.


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Pret A Manger has Twitter Shadow Ban Accounts


I am “forced” to put this into a blog entry due to shadow bans happening again. Please ignore the 2nd October 2018 date on the left. I am “recycling” old unimportant blog entries, as every new blog post I publish is bookmarked by a bot in a certain country, and shortly after I am also often shadow banned as my blog is linked to Twitter, FB etc. depending on what the post is about.


2019-03-07 Three accounts banned



The below Tweets led Twitter to shadow ban (censor) 3 accounts on behalf of Pret A Manger to avoid bad press and the truth being told.

This means that as soon as Pret gets wind of a tweet that may lift the lid on their practices, they report to Twitter for the account to be banned where the tweets are hidden from the public. To the account everything looks normal, but in reality all tweets, likes, RT’s are hidden from the public UNLESS people go directly to the Tweet itself, but who would do that without the knowledge that this tweet even exists! So people are fooled and “What the eye does not see, the heart does not grieve over” or out of sight out of mind. Simple.

It is mainly the “nitty gritty” tweets that has Pret via Twitter censor me so the public won’t find my blog here. The reason why Pret does not respond to the Tweets and let’s Twitter censor me is because I declined 4 settlement offers if I remain silent, never go to court etc. after being bullied during bereavement under Pret’s toxic HR department and CEO Clive Schlee’s leadership.

The following got Twitter to ban on behalf of Pret as a paying customer, censoring free speech to avoid the public being made aware of what is really going on behind the shiny PR[et} facade.



This Tweet got @4abwe shadow banned

To Nick Honey and Clive Schlee, CEO of Pret:
Regarding separating former homeless workers into their own shop leading to this blog entry of countless staff complaints. Ban mentioned in new Tweet.




The Tweets that got @LateNightGirl_ shadow banned

1. Regarding customer service and what really is behind the fast service in Pret that leads to mental health issues, depression, even suicidal thoughts.

2019-03-07 Tweet response to GMB press0.jpg


This Tweet reached a person before the ban happened, and they kindly responded, even copying in the press, but not sure if he will get notified, as during a ban people are not notified of a response by the banned account. But thank you

2019-03-07 Tweet response to GMB press


2. to Rhiannon L Cosslett regarding who is (or rather who’s not) going to work in Pret after Brexit.

3. to regarding customer service and again, what’s behind the “happy” facade. This Tweet reached someone before the ban as well that they RT’d. Thank you @Kyle2uMental.



And finally the third account that got banned after @LateNightGirl_ got banned.

This Tweet that got @ReadyToEat4 banned:

To Kat Timpf regarding why Pret staff always look so depressed.

I have to say it does take a person with a certain kind of knowledge to look beyond the forced smiles of Pret staff!

2019-03-07 Tweet got ReadyToEat4 shadow banned



So, ladies and gentlemen, this is Pret A Manger for you, hiding 2 customer deaths from the public, covering up with lots of free coffees/products and PR how it really is behind the “happy” facade, bullying staff even during bereavement. The shadow bans continue, and so will the publications.

Thank you for reading and to those of you who care, RT, stand up, speak out etc. thank you! All I ask is to please look deeper and closer like Kat Timpf did. Staff suffer but are silenced through fear management and current staff wrote to me that they will receive a disciplinary or get dismissed if they publicly speak out again as they did before.

Please look deeper. TY ❤ 


2018-12-14 Customer recognizes forced friendliness happiness


PAMSU Dismantle MS



Pret A Manger Slideshow

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Taken from the Long List of Pret Staff Complaints and Reviews from diferent positions, countries, years…




For an overview of important blog entries of my experience in Pret A Manger, please visit My Ordeal with Pret A Manger”. The arrow next to each heading will lead directly to the post. Thank you for reading.


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