Quote of the Day #44 – Pret A Bos(s)ton


Pret in Boston are having lots of boss issues…


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Quote of the Day from the above poster:

“No person deserves to be traumatized or stressed to death by work

Current laws do not address interpersonal cruelty at work.”


2nd Quote:

“… only major downfall is the management…. There is no respect from boss to employees…the first motto when getting this job is (employees come first…that is far from the case. Management only cares about money an will disrespect you and make you slave work until the days over, or you quit….they feel that they can do or say anything they want to there employees because they NEED the job and use that against themmean bosses, no respect for employeestreated as a slave worker

Former Administrator, Boston MA



Quote: “the first motto when getting this job is (employees come first…)”
I have never heard this, apart from the CEO calling Pret “family” because of the Brexit fear of losing a lot of employees, I have never heard of employees coming first, not in the interview nor in shops. But I reckon that this former employee was just subject to Pret’s PR as usual. Just slogans and words but reality is brutally different.


2017-03-24 BOSTON Pret A Mean


Other Pret Boston review links:

2017-05-16 Boston MA

Former TM


2018-06-29 Hot Chef

29. June 2018 review from former Hot Chef (the hardest job on the shop floor!)



2016-12-20 Boston MA

Management quality is very low


I like this review, very passionate and keen to give a detailed review, proving how much they really cared for the job:

2017-10-24 Boston Blah blah review


I am sure Pret is looking into these shops via my listing these areas that have the biggest problems in management! Management issues are actually a problem in the whole company as this comes from the top. But some are priorities, with Boston being one of them. I hope @Pret you are really taking a good look at your leadership style as this is not only hurting people, but when staff are in mental distress, bereaved, unwell in any way it can actually take their lives!

I hope Pret you are listening! And dear Pret, in case you are having a laugh again thinking I am doing all this work for you to get better ratings or improve your public image, I am not doing this for you, I am doing this for my former colleagues, whoever and where-ever they are, as your company, your HR department, and your leadership style has me almost killed. And I know of other people who had the same problems.

So, before you laugh again or hide behind your PR, I am doing this for employees in the hopes you will heed and take action, with integrity and truly doing the right thing, not on paper and not exploiting your workers.

Take all of my “Quotes of the Day” as my Note of Concern to you and your corrupt HR department. Take these as my Disciplinary issued to you. And take these as my Dismissal of your fake, dishonest and corrupt ways.

I will never be silent again.


A long list of staff complaints from different positions, incl. Head Office, London and a former Purchasing Director, NYC.



Since I compiled all the staff complaints there seem to be quite a lot more “positive” reviews appearing, especially regarding “good” management and work environment. If there are fake news, I am not alleging anything but there may be fake reviews! Knowing how Pret and their corrupt HR dept. manipulate, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone is tasked to write these reviews.

Since I published on the Pret website as well as the CEO’s, there is as the main pinned Tweets the “good” deeds Pret & the CEO are doing, again excellent PR.There are good managers and good shops of course, but the management style in Pret to pressure for more targets and profit is poisoned throughout the company. And in time the truth will always come out.

As true reviews will always continue on the same lines of horrible and bullying management until this changes. Pret does annual staff questionnaires that are at times manipulated by management. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if some are leaving fake reviews.

In the meantime, click on ANY of the below reviews and read the same in a nutshell: bullying, discriminating management, over worked, missing pay etc.


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