Clive Schlee’s Legacy

I knew something like this would happen. Going into “retirement”, huh! And he doesn’t even make a proper announcement, but through the backdoor it’s communicated.

Leaving a “legacy” behind after having opened the door to the wolves of private equity!

Customer deaths. Staff deaths including suicides. I survived.

And he’s sneaking out!

Or was it a dismissal?!

Mr. Schlee should still face court after the customer deaths and the repeated warnings on allergen labelling he ignored. Not to mention how staff are treated for profit under his leadership! He still owns half of itsu and who knows what other business he is part of. He’s got his millions and his employees suffered for it. So, he does what he does best, disappear from taking responsibility.

Of course not surprising.

And maybe he took some advise from those closest to him.

Clive Wife

Well, there you go.

From a 2016 Guardian interview

First Nicki Fisher skips out after all the PR stunt of the homeless house, now he does. Who’s next? Pano Christou? (UPDATE: Twitter profile deleted, screenshot*). Unless he’s the candidate for CEO. Andrea Wareham? …

* Pano Christou Twitter screenshot

2019-07-01 COO Pano Christou Twitter

2019-07-01 Retirement Clive


And another of those serious complaints he does not care about, nor even responds to. I have worked in 40 degrees (Celsius) shops for prolonged times before Pret fixed the issue. We also literally begged customers to speak to Pret on our behalf as Pret did not listen to staff feedback!

What an example of the worst leadership in a company that I have ever experienced!

2019-06-30 AC

First and Second Tweet
“It’s shocking they are not supported by decision makers.”
Don’t be shocked, that’s typical Clive Schlee and Pret A Manger!

My biggest regret ever having worked in that company!

»It’s amazing to me how many business leaders separate their employees from their customers/patrons.
Your employees are your core target audience to put word-of-mouth out about your organization.« – by @minmilyjung

Clive Schlee’s legacy:

2019-06-30 44 staff 50 Clive

Glassdoor July 2019

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The above slideshow is just a selection, the list goes on in Pret Staff Complaints

Link: >>> Two Pret Staff have DIED recently
One is said to be a suicide. It’s not the first suicide in Pret.
I survived. If I would have gone over the edge, to my current knowledge, mine would be #3 and it would be in connection to Pret!


I wrote this blog entry early this morning before 3am UK time, being Clive Schlee’s “late night girl” that I am! I tweeted this to the press an hour ago approx. 10am and now other Journos or people in general who must have contacted Pret HQ state that news from HQ announces Clive Schlee’s retirement.

So, while the Press was sleeping again and me doing the usual Pret Tweet observations, his retirement was announced days ago very quietly.

Peace before the storm, hey.

2019-07-01 quiet retirement


And promptly I get partially shadow banned for the next 48 hours after having tweeted to the Press. My Tweets are still visible within a feed if one clicks “Show more replies” but cannot be found in search.

2019-07-01 ExPretAManger NO Thread ban
The ban will be lifted and all in the green on 03. July approx. 10:30am UK time.

~10am Tweet before the press started waking up:

2019-07-01 My Schlee retirement Tweet


A brief list of writings regarding Clive Schlee: Clive Schlee’s “Late Night Girl” Articles.

Today Pano Christou deleted his Twitter account, but a screenshot on how it looked like until this afternoon:

2019-07-01 COO Pano Christou Twitter

Now leads to a deleted page.

I worked at Pret A Manger for almost 10 years and survived systemic workplace bullying during bereavement that involved HR, the top leadership, HQ and even the now “retired” former CEO Clive Schlee. I declined 4 settlement offers if I am silent about my ordeal. But I rather starve and speak out to help others. For an overview of important blog entries of my experience with Pret, please visit “My Ordeal with Pret A Manger”. The little arrow to the right next to each heading will lead directly to the post.
I tell my story for the first time verbally in below audio player interview on a podcast by The Adam Paradox, and wrote an article in the
Scottish Left Review.
Thank you for reading/listening.



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