Pret A Manger Overheated Shops / Work Condition – July 2019


Before I get into the detail of the ongoing issues of broken and inadequate Air Conditioning in Pret A Manger shops for YEARS and Pret not caring about it, I want to paint a picture from the perspective of staff.

I briefly explain below that staff have cash incentives via weekly Mystery Shoppers. They can earn up to an extra £100 individually ON TOP of their wages AND team bonus, if the Mystery Shopper is extra impressed with the individual Team Member’s service. If any staff member loses the bonus for the whole team because their service isn’t with a smile or whatever else the Mystery Shopper (I call them Misery Shopper) isn’t happy with, that Team Member and the Team get fear managed, because the MS bonus scheme counts towards the biggest chunk of Manager’s and upper Management bonuses.

One of many Mystery Shopper report excerpts:
Staff have to serve customers within 1 min of a person joining the queue and serve the coffee/drink within 1 minute of the customer having made the payment. Staff have to smile, make eye contact and brief conversation with EVERY customer. THAT is why they are still on this robotic autopilot even in 40ºC+ heat. I know, I’ve work in these conditions, brain-washed, fear managed, even during bereavement!

Mystery Shopper excerpt: (Click Ctrl and + to enlarge)

04 MS


What customers experience as heat and 35-40ºC, for staff behind the counter it’s 45-50ºC!

Dear customer, imagine yourself BEHIND the counter for an 8-10 hour shift every day! Look at this picture from brummie_photography on Instagram from a Birmingham shop. This shop at least is very airy, looks like a station or airports are like this. But most Prets have low ceiling, cramped areas, no air-flow. If the air conditioning then is broken or inadequate, it’s literally HELL in there!

I count about 11-12 Team Members (TMs) behind the counter (and worked like this myself). Now, imagine a low ceiling on the team like it is in most shops, and box them in:

Pret Sardines

brummie_photography on Instagram


Behind that counter of about 10 Sq Meters space there are:

  • In the shop the fridges (called Langars in Pret) blow out hot air from the back
  • Behind the counter and behind Team Members 2 – 3 coffee machines with heat and hot water/coffee
  • To the left or right or behind TMs 1 – 2 hot toastie machines
  • In most shops 1 – 2 hot ovens that are at the counter area (not like here in an extra room)
  • In front of TMs are the black hot croissant plates under the glass counter (I often switched it off in the summer!)
  • From above beaming bright lights on the low ceiling burning on their heads. Years ago staff members even had to wear caps no matter how hot. In Pret USA shops they still wear caps!
  • Large windows without any marquee for sun protection
  • Open doors so that shops don’t look closed from the outside when people walk by. This has been changed recently after environmentalists increasingly raised the issues regarding waste of energy. Unfortunately the same environmentalists don’t seem to bother about the staff burning in the heat! So, now for the most part Pret keeps the doors closed.
  • And from ALL AROUND hot body heat from colleagues who stand next to each other like sardines in a can! I felt my colleagues’ body heat left and right! Bad breath, sweaty smelly air, not allowed to drink water behind the counter or shop floor during work or use mints/peppermint gum!
  • And in many shops TMs are NOT allowed to drink water behind the counter for *irony on* “health and safety reasons” *irony off*. And are not allowed to go to the staff room to drink during the coffee and lunch time rush! I always broke that rule and went against manager’s instructions and let my team drink WATER!!

What for customers is excruciating in a few minutes, these low-paid workers endure ALL DAY every day. One TM in 2011 when I worked in one terrible shop like this, got pneumonia as she was going in and out of the walk-in fridge switching temperature between under 5 degree Celsius in the fridge and 35 – 40 degrees in the shop and kitchen.

Not to mention that the shop fridges (called Langars) are often dripping with water in the heat and are warm with food and drinks stored in them. I had to throw out many times £100s worth of food and drink after having taken temperatures of food and juices, much to the dismay of my bosses! But I didn’t care about the money. As a Team Leader, Health & Safety was not only part of my job description, it was my top priority! I didn’t even eat my free meal allowances in Pret during my breaks when the food was warm! Why would I subject paying customers to that, getting them food poisoning!!

My complaining and raising the issue never got me far in a Pret career, and neither did I care!

With most shops having low ceiling, loud music, rude customers, the 1 minute Mystery Shopper rule, a stressed and often bullying manager or team leader… Welcome to the REALITY of Pret A Manger!

Annihilate Humanity 41

>>> Anonymous Staff review on Indeed


Apart from the hellish work conditions for staff, this also affects the food. A customer complained regarding food poisoning from a New York Pret and noticed that the shop was warm:


2019-06-25 AC warm wrap

June 2019 NY



Customer Complaints on Twitter

(those who bother complaining, the problem is much bigger)


2018-07-25 AC Cannon St1

Link 25. July 2018


I link to a blog entry at the bottom on WHY staff smile ALL THE TIME come rain come shine!

I worked twice in shops with 40 degrees heat for weeks and months raising the issue. I was told if I speak to HQ my career is over. The manager who told me this and didn’t know how to make this issue urgent left Pret soon after. But we begged customers to speak to Pret on our behalf.

Below is a list of only a few customer Tweets, not everyone comments publicly. But this problem with inadequate little air cons in every Pret shop persists. Staff are surrounded by hot machines, body heat, beaming lights from above, ovens, toastie machines, hot plates where the croissants are on, large windows where the sun beams in … And the staff are still expected to do Emotional Labour, smile and pretend to be cheery so they don’t lose the Mystery Shopper bonus when they visit once a week.

I was often very disheartened that the weekly Mystery Shopper didn’t even mention the heat.

I worked at Pret for 10 years and this is an endless problem Pret knows about, but doesn’t fix unless customers go online, or staff persist. Staff became sick, one even with pneumonia because of the morning delivery check going inside the walk-in fridge back and forth between 30 degrees heat and then 3-5 degrees cold. That’s when I drew the line and asked for a transferal, not realizing many shops have this issue.

My traumatic story with Pret in the audio player interview at the bottom of this page.

I will say it loud and clear again to any new reader who does not know my and other staff story and blog: Pret A Manger does NOT care for their low-paid workers! They do NOT care!!!

Please take the time and really listen and look! Pret has been very successful with presenting an image of an “ethical” company! But having ignored customer warnings on allergen labels EVEN after two customers died, should ring massive alarm bells! But the public is lulled in again and want to believe the Pret fairy tale.

And Pret responds often with “oh dear” … “oh gosh” … “oh no” … “we are concerned to hear this” … bullshit, fooling the public as if this was a one-off. I really appreciate the anger and concern customers show for staff who suffer in this hell, while the millionaire senior leaders and Twitter staff sit in air-conditioned Head Office! Thank you for speaking up on behalf of low-paid workers!

3 of the most recent customer Tweets from days ago on the air conditioning problems in Pret. I didn’t go further beyond 2016, and even found one from 2013 … But this is forever going on!

2019-06-30 AC

1st Tweet — & — 2nd Tweet where Clive Schlee took a day to even respond, while on the day of the complaint he responded to another Tweet of someone wishing him farewell for his retirement (before the press got wind of it when I tweeted the press)! But the CEO was not concerned about the AC issue, even after 2 customer tweets!

Second customer Tweet 03. July, and Pret has NOT responded yet (06. July)!

2019-07-03 AC


Third customer 05. July, and again NO response from Pret at the time of me writing this blog entry:

2019-07-05 AC

05. July 2019


UPDATE 25. July 2019

2019-07-25 No AC Bicester

Bicester still having issues as expected and Pret keeps sweet-talking
1st Tweet — and  — 2nd Tweet


Dan Brown raised this issue 3 weeks ago. 05th July Tweet (also screenshot above).


Also 25. July 2015, Great Eastern Street:

2019-07-25 No AC Great Eastern

Link to Tweet and Pret sweet-talking again


23. July 2019 London Bridge again

2019-07-23 No AC

1st Tweet2nd Tweet3rd Tweet



2019-07-25 No AC Great Eastern



2019-06-19 AC Bath Southgate

19. June 2019 Bath


2019-07-17 AC air con USA

UPDATE: 17. July 2018 NY, USA


2018-06-19 AC 240 Hi Holb

19. June 2018


2018-07-07 AC Hammersmith2

07. July 2018 Hammersmith


2018-07-23 AC Luton

23. July 2018 Luton – No answer from Pret


2018-07-23 AC Queen St

Also 23. July 2018 Queen St.


2018-07-24 AC Strand

24. July 2018 Strand


This Tweet is from the first Tweet above from the 25. July 2018. Two more from the 25th underneath:

2018-07-25 AC Cannon St2


2018-07-25 AC Queen St

25. July 2018 Queen St again


2018-07-25 AC Whitehall

25. July 2018 Whitehall. Pret here lets Teams have extra break instead of putting on the BRAKES to stop the work in these hellish conditions!


2018-07-26 AC Euston

26. July 2018 Euston. Pret slimey and patronizing response they always do when someone with an official Twitter account tweets: “Oh they’re all stars aren’t they?”


2018-07-26 AC More London

26. July 2018 again More London


2018-07-27 AC Milton Keynes

27. July 2018 Milton Keynes


This customer’s concern is brilliant.
I want to post the whole feed as she does not let go!
Well done and thank you @kerriewils!


2018-08-07 AC01 Victoria St 95

07. Aug. 2018 Pret’s “oh no” BS …


2018-08-07 AC02 Victoria St 95


DON’T be disappointed, this is NORMAL in Pret!!!


2018-08-07 AC03 to 07 Victoria St 95


2018-08-07 AC08 Victoria St 95

Thank You!!!


2019-08-10 AC South Ken

10. Aug. 2018 South Ken. This is August, and the Pret Twitter staff is taking the mick!


2017-12-10 AC Kings Cross

10. Dec. 2017 Someone registered a Twitter account especially to raise this issue. Cold in winter, hot in summer.


2017-08-06 AC Tower Hill

06. Aug. 2017 Tower Hill


2017-06-01 AC Westfield

01. June 2017 Westfield – Since AGES

I love this follow-up Tweet, and yet it’s very sad that Pret only listens to customers and let staff boil in hell! I can say again to any reader, please believe me when I say that Pret does NOT care for staff except when it is for PR or when they get caught!

2017-06-01 AC Westfield2


2016-09-13 AC Adwych Strand

13. Sep. 2016 Adwych / 182 Strand. This is one of the two shops I worked in where the AC was broken for MONTHS. That was in 2011!!!


2013 AC slower work

2013 And the staff still working FAST as Pret demand the 1 minute time of service via the Mystery Shopper!

… and so on …

These days Pret keeps the doors closed, but ONLY because of the Extinction Rebellion revolution. Pret only goes with pressure from the masses and what is “trend”. If staff suffer in the heat, doesn’t matter to them. The reason why Pret usually like the doors open, winter and summer is so that the shops don’t look closed from the outside, meaning customers walk by oblivious that it’s open. And it’s true, I walked by shops that seemed to be closed, because the door was closed and it looked darker inside. So, to avoid losing money, Pret likes to keep the door open, except lately since the waste of energy and environmental activists being on Pret’s case. But concerned for staff? Don’t believe a bit of it!

So, thank you to all customers and maybe next time, start a mass petition for Pret to act FAST!! Because this is an ongoing issue and Pret has the public fooled and staff feel stuck, because they are not paid sick days the first two days!

Employees remain professional because they have to in case the Mystery Shopper comes and all the Team loses the bonus. I write about this in “How Emotional Labour Harms us all” and “The Truth behind the Pret A Manger Smile” and why staff really keep smiling even during the most excruciating heat and work conditions.

Staff speak out, even if only anonymous on review websites (below).


JavaScript required to view slideshow. May not work on mobile devices without Wifi.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Slideshow can be paused


The above slideshow is just a selection, the list goes on in Pret Staff Complaints


Link: >>> Two Pret Staff have DIED recently
One is said to be a suicide. It’s not the first suicide in Pret.
I survived. If I would have gone over the edge, to my current knowledge, mine would be #3 and it would be in connection to Pret!



I worked at Pret A Manger for almost 10 years and survived systemic workplace bullying during bereavement that involved HR, the top leadership, HQ and even the CEO Clive Schlee. I declined 4 settlement offers if I am silent about my ordeal. But I rather starve and speak out to help others. For an overview of important blog entries of my experience with Pret, please visit “My Ordeal with Pret A Manger”. The little arrow to the right next to each heading will lead directly to the post.
I also tell my story for the first time verbally in this >>>
podcast interview based in California, and wrote an article in the Scottish Left Review.
Thank you for reading/listening.




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Pret A Manger Allergen Issues & Mislabelling Continues (UPDATED Mar. 2019)

Pret A Manger’s mislabelling and allergen issues continues.


Only two of the countless mislabelled soups in Pret. A major reason is Hot Chefs who are responsible for all hot food preparations are swamped with work, understaffed, overworked, often not trained properly and just thrown into the job for lack of staff. The Hot Chef position is the hardest job on the shop floor as they never stop going from the morning breakfast rush into the lunch rush, non-stop and often in cramped work spaces.

And while they are paid a few pennies more, but still under £10 an hour, they are brainwashed to believe they are paid more, while in reality they work double and triple the amount. I was thrust into the Hot Chef position when I started in Pret but stopped it after a few weeks as I didn’t get training, no pay-rise and started to have pain in my shoulders and arms. Horrendously hard work, non-rewarding and ridiculously underpaid, but staff are made to believe they are paid better… pennies better but have to work double and triple as hard.

If the below customers (which are only the tip of the iceberg) would have allergies with some of the products looking similar, I wonder how many injuries, even deaths have occurred the public doesn’t know about.


2019-02-07 Chicken in Veggie soup mislabelled

Link 7. Feb. 2019


2019-01-16 Wrong soup again

Link 16. Jan. 2019


The latest Hot Chef review from 1st March 2019 on Indeed:

2019-03-01 HotChef exhausting




2018-01-21 Hot Chef



Only 2 of many reviews collected on Pret Staff Complaints.


Below is a series of more customer complaints of half empty coffees, un-stirred hot chocolates, poor coffee quality, chicken instead of vegan soup, pork instead of veggie pot, stingy ingredients in wraps, wrongly labelled … These are just a small collection here of those people care to go on Twitter with photos. I stopped updating, but the issues continue.

To say upfront, the reason the coffees are often half empty, or the wrong milk was added, or no milk at all, is to a great deal because of the 1 minute demand to serve hot drinks from the time of payment.

The weekly Mystery Shopper even times it to the second which adds to the horrendous stress.


07 15 seconds


Pret: “We aim to serve out customers within 1 minute of joining the queue. Were you served in a reasonable time, bearing in mind how busy the shop was and the number of open tills?”

Mystery Shopper: “I was served very quickly, after 15 seconds, very quick service.” Yet, the MS gives 4 out of 5 points as if 1.5 seconds would have been more acceptable for a perfect score.

If the staff is successful in most things the whole team receives the bonus, if the MS marks them down on few things including getting the coffee in 2 minutes, the whole team loses bonus. But even if bonus is won or lost, and individual staff member can win an extra £100 or double up to £200 if they were extremely nice by giving free coffees and food, or be really chatty or outstanding where the Mystery Shopper is either served or witnesses this generosity and “happiness”. And customers are fooled to think Pret staff are so happy, while completely ignoring how intensely stressful, exhausting, loud and harsh the rush times are.


Not Outstanding


or if successful, then the team member received £100 extra or double £200 if everything was a perfect Mystery Shopper score.


2018-07-04 Outstanding Card


If bonus was lost or the points were low the team member or members were getting told off. It’s either win some extra money or get pressure and fear managed, but the whole work in between to serve the MS who’s only there 10-15 minutes or longer per week, is too much stress with the expectation to smile, be chatty and show a forced happiness for 6, 8 10+ hours everyday adds to the decline of mental health and dignity. I was expected to smile while traumatically bereaved.


PAMSU Dismantle MS


Pret claims that staff have 1 minute to serve 1 customer. Apart from the 1 minute per customer service being already way too fast to do proper customer service, it is unrealistic. Most Prets have on average 7 – 10+ tills. Mostly there are only 3 on the tills and 1 – 2 baristas on the coffee machines, even during extreme morning rushes that I have worked like this. At busy periods the queue is to the door and even outside the door, but managers refuse to get more team members to man the tills as this would cut a slice out of their labour expenses and decreases their bonus.

So, reality is, Team Member are swamped and overworked in intense stress, but they conditioned and brainwashed to serve within a minute. The computer print-outs at the end of the day that showed exactly how many transactions at what times which team member did on which till shows the immense volume of customers that come through EACH staff member’s till.

I myself served on average 25 – 30 transactions within a 15 minute period. That is 2 transactions per minute. That is NOT 2 customers per minute as 1 transaction is a payment being registered through the till. So, 1 transaction is anything from 1 customer to a group of 3, 5, 8 people. If you were too slow, your boss was on your case. So, the 1 minute per customer is bogus as staff turn into robots and are constantly on electricity without stopping.

What is so ridiculous is that most customers neither open their eyes, nor care to know how stressful this is physically and mentally on employees.

Very rarely does a customer speak out:


2018-10-20 Staff cry



Amy Sharpe from the Sunday Mirror who went undercover in Pret after having read my blog also points out the stress:

I am at a central London branch, where 10 staff vie for space, muttering apologies as we collide and stretch across one another to grab pastries and bags. I make green teas and filter coffees while my other drinks orders are prepared. It’s stressful and confusing and the queue makes it even more so.
All the while, staff must be alert to the issue of allergens.
One barista tells me the cramped service area is a ‘nightmare’.
He says: “If I’m next to you, you have to shout. If you don’t shout I can make a mistake. A person can grab the wrong coffee. Make mistakes and the customer gets mad.
You’ve got to focus, stay calm.



The cramped work areas are big problems in most Prets, be it front or back of house. Coffee makers have very little space to work, but are expected to make perfect coffees within 1 minute in an extreme stressful environment, often under harsh management, force to smile like an acrobat!


2019-01-16 small coffee area



small barista coffee area


Even a sink directly in front of the left coffee machine, no space to work properly.

This problem is also in the kitchen, stock rooms, changing rooms and other back of house areas:

Customer areas are increased to get as many customers = money in as possible; staff areas are decreased. This then creates multiple problems, not only on the mental strain of staff but customers lives as mistakes happen quickly as with labelling I collected in another post “Ongoing issues, hospitalization, mislabelling…“:


2018-11-11 Tiny HFC area


One shop I worked in had only ONE multitask room: office, staff changing room with lockers, fridges, freezers, stock room, hot chef soup prep area, chemical room for cleaning materials etc and to top it all, illegally the rubbish room next to the food prep area! This shop was the worst shop I’ve worked in. This photo is from 2015 and after years like this, Pret was forced to expand the work space to separate the rubbish for health and safety reasons. This room was medium size and approx. 15 square meters max. A total nightmare.


Spitalfields Waste MultitaskOffice_6Sep15



Here are just few of the results of the 1 minute pressure, fear management and the cramped working areas that customers care to go on Twitter:

2019-02-11 Stingy coffee



2019-01-29 stingy latte coffee



2019-02-05 Tea in Filter Coffee



2019-02-01 half coffee



2019-02-01 Coffee flat white worst ever



2019-01-30 Half Empty Coffee



2019-01-21 Low coffee stingy



2018-12-19 half coffee




2018-11-28 Wrong Coffee



2019-02-02 Bland Hot Chocolate Coffee stingy



2019-01-25 Wrong milk in latte gross




Back of house issues:



Salmon stingy 2015-08-12



2019-01-28 Hong Kong stingy ham baguette



2019-01-25 Spicy Chicken Wrap stingy



2017-12-12 Stingy Wrap



2019-02-11 Stingy salad



2018-05-22 Wrap Air Stingy


2019-01-08 Stingy Crayfish


2019-01-15 Little stingy soup



CHICKEN instead of VEGAN soup


2018-12-19 Chicken instead of Vegan soup



PORK instead of VEGGIE pot


2019-02-05 Pork instead of veggie pot




Before the customer deaths became public several customers asked Pret to label products, but the generic response from Pret was just to shift blame, and that was that.




2018-06-05 wrong wrap


etc. etc. etc.

These things continue even now, and it would take a much longer blog entry to list them here.


The pressure on staff to work so fast or get threatened with their job security puts not only customer lives at risk, but the mental strain on staff is horrendous.


04 MSEndTheMysteryShopper

Pret: “We aim to connect with every customer with eye contact, a smile and some polite remarks. Rate the engagement level of the person who served you at the till.”

MS: “I was not treated at the till or given a smile…”


PAMSU Dismantle MS



2018-05-09 PAMSU EndTheMysteryShopper

Link Tweets on the reason why staff are “always” so “happy”, from the former Pret employee who was fired for having started a Union


For extensive insight into the humiliating Mystery Shopper requirements and “Emotional Labour” the press called it >>> How companies force Emotional Labour on Low Paid Workers


And >>> Long List of Pret Staff Complaints and Reviews



For an overview of important blog entries regarding Pret A Manger, please visit My Ordeal with Pret A Manger”. The arrow next to each heading will lead directly to the post. Thank you for reading.



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Class Action vs Pret for DECEPTIVE Packaging (Updated Aug. 2019)


… And the Warped Reason for a Lack of Wrap!




Pret A Manger DELETED their Tweet to Natalie Raybold about the new (bogus) reason for the “air” hidden behind the cardboard, after Pret read this blog entry! I explain further below.

@Pret, thanks for stopping by again, unfortunately your visit led to your deletion of a Tweet. Getting caught doing the “right” thing again!


UPDATE: Class Action suit vs Pret settled

As the case is settled now, the “wrapped too tightly” version started again… and the generic “oh no” responses from Pret continue with the usual “Please send us a DM with which shop you visited” as if this was an isolated incidence. To any reader, go unto Pret’s “Tweet and Replies” page and see their cut & paste responses, even though lately there seems to be new Twitter staff on the shifts, their wording is changing finally!



A longer list with mainly photos and less text just as a VISUAL to understand how common this is >>> Pret A Manger’s Misleading Packaging.

I didn’t want to put this “wrap collection” into a blog post, but Twitter and Facebook keep hiding, deleting etc. my posts, FB even deletes my PRIVATE messages when I have a link to my blog in the message! So I enter the below list into one post, hence only one link to post and a list of customer complaints.

In the U.S. people easily sue companies, in the UK they just go to Twitter, rant a little and that was that. Even customers dying, getting hospitalized from unlabelled allergen in products, no law suit! In the U.S. it would hail a storm of law suits upon Pret with lawyers drooling for cases like this! But in the UK they fall asleep being cooked like frogs while getting bribed with cheap free coffees! Unbelievable!

After my repeated comments on Pret’s funny reason for the cardboard to hide “air” behind it and letting customers pay overpriced half products, Pret keeps sweet-talking customers into sleep, “Oh no, this looks like it has been wrapped too tightly”.


But let’s rewind to 2016 where the version was, starting as usual with “Oh no…” to pret-end that the Pret-Tweeter is surprised. The rather TRUE response here is: “this isn’t right…”

Exactly! This is NOT right! Thanks for the honesty here, Pret. Unfortunately nothing was changed in the packaging to be decreased, or an increased size of wrap to fill the packaging for an honest product. And communication down the line, of which version would be best to give on Twitter complaints, got messed up over time.


2016-06-25 wrap air now doesnt look right



In 2018 it “doesn’t look right at all”…


2018-02-23 wrap doesnt look right at all



And this one from the U.S. in October 2018 is a give away that this indeed is not an honest packaging for the later “version” of a 13. Jan. 2019 explanation by Pret. Stephanie feels “very tricked” and Pret EVEN agrees by saying:


2018-10-29 usa wrap pret understands


Full Tweet feed:


2018-10-29 usa wrap full tweet feed

Link Oct. 2018



Fast forward a little … the version is that this is “wrapped too tightly”. This loosely wrapped product Pret says looks too tightly wrapped. LOL! The consistent “Oh no”… “Oh dear”… Oh gosh”… from the UK Twitter side remains, to give the impression that this is an EXCEPTION while Pret is being sued in the States for deception.



2018-12-07 wrap

Link to Dec 2018 Tweet



2018-10-24 wrapped too tightly

Link to Oct. 2018 Tweet


Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, here is a brand new version of a warped wrap packaging! 

After repeated comments on this ridiculous “reason” for Pret having spread that version too broadly, the version now is even more ridiculous, I added the bold highlight. New reason completely holding customers for idiots!

Quote: “Our packaging is designed to leave a space in the middle so the wrap can be displayed clearly at both ends and doesn’t get squashed. We’re sorry if you feel mislead on the size, Natalie but we can assure you that you’ve received both halves of the same wrap.”

How absolutely amazing Pret now openly fools customers! The Wrap WON’T get squashed as the cardboard center is sturdy and protects any product from being squashed. This should be a UK law suit (the bot that bookmarks my blog in the States on behalf of Pret can send this one to them! Be my guest!)

The issue is NOT the size of the wrap, but the misleading size of the packaging. It’s an old trick businesses do knowing that customers buy via sight, not probing on the weight and measure, even if a package would state that. But as everyone knows, Pret packaging has hardly ANY useful information on it, as at least the first of the two customers who died had to pay with her life, and only when the public became aware of their deaths does Pret SLOWLY change labelling. Let alone have a weight and measurement of the product on the packaging. Pret’s packaging just has bla bla sweet-talk of whatever, but NO useful information on ingredients, weight etc. except in stores where ingredient/allergen labelling is TRIALED as I write this.

So with Pret products that are assembled in the shops each day, customers rely SOLELY on their eye-sight, and as they don’t have time during their lunch break to weigh out the product with their bare hands if it is too light, or the usual weight, they go by eye-sight. They cannot purchase according to weight or how much of a certain ingredient is “behind” the packaging. Companies use this to their advantage and what I find, mislead customers to “assume” the package is completely filled inside.

The most common is items like Washing Powder. Yes, it does state the amount in KG, but what customer carries a scale or knows how to size up the packaging. So, the washing powder packaging is often very large, but upon opening at home a quarter is just air, because businesses know customers buy according to eye sight, not information and weighing the product.

And Pret’s wraps get the most complaints because it has the middle section to hide air, whereas the sandwich and salad packaging has more “window” to show the majority of the item, and less possibility to hide air.


2019-01-13 another wrap misleading package3

Link to today’s Tweet A spanking new version of why there is a gap.

I cannot believe my eyes reading this! From “Oh no, this isn’t right…” to this hilarious open fairy tale, holding customers for complete idiots! And customers swallow the fast, efficiency of Pret’s Twitter feed and go back to sleep while they remain happy to pay for hidden air.




The above link used to lead to this tweet from Pret:


2019-01-13 another wrap misleading package3


But NOW it leads to this deleted page


2019-01-27 pret deleted tweet re packaging



The whole feed again before Pret deleted their Tweet:


2019-01-13 another wrap misleading package before delete


Natalie Raybold’s Tweet here has no Tweet above anymore, as it is deleted.

Even the whole feed of her Tweet has disappeared and some are only visible because I have the remaining Tweets in my Replies as I responded. Pret changed quickly after Natalie kept protesting as well as my post on the bogus reason: “It does appear to be a rather small wrap, Natalie…” Link


Initial Tweet standing on its own, no other Tweets are found. This looks like part of shadow banning.

Direct link of part in the feed from my own Tweets & Replies as I tweeted within this feed. Natalie Raybold here responds to the new reason and finds this misleading. But from her initial Tweet, this cannot be traced anymore. If I wouldn’t still have my Tweets, only her initial post would be visible.

Twitter and Pret are in this together on behalf of protecting profit driven companies! Katschink!


Thus, it should be clear again how dodgy this is and how Pret tries to hide this, as this may get people’s attention for another lawsuit.



These, the list below and others I didn’t include here, are only those that people bother posting on Twitter. Not every customer produces a photo publicly as they don’t have time and may think this is a one-off, not realizing how much this happens.


Links to Class Action Suit and customers’ complaints on Twitter. Links open in new window:


Class Action NY

Court Document (starts to get interesting from page 18 on)

Press Article on Suit

Press Article on Deceptive Packaging


2014 and 2018

2014 2018 Air Wrap


Customers Tweets on mostly cold Salad Wraps and a few Hot Wraps:

August 2012

27. Dec. 2012

17. Nov. 2013

10. Mar. 2014

25. March 2014

16. Apr. 2014

09. June 2014

21. June 2014

14. Apr. 2015

15. Apr. 2015

23. Apr. 2015

27. May 2015

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25. June 2016

27. June 2016 USA

17. Aug. 2016

25. Aug. 2016

07. Sep. 2016 USA

12. Oct. 2016 USA

15. Feb. 2017

March 2017

19. Apr. 2017

05. May 2017 Little Ingredient (lots of complaints on Twitter on this)

17. May 2017 Pret A Rip-Off

July 2017

01. Aug. 2017 USA

02. Aug. 2017

07. Aug. 2017

A little humour in-between!

Also 07. Aug. 2017 Another really bad one!

21. Aug. 2017 USA

10. Oct. 2017 TWO for the price of ONE!

17. Jan. 2018 (no response from Pret)

06. Feb. 2018

23. Feb. 2018

20. Apr. 2018 It took Pret 3 days to respond!

26. Apr. 2018

22. May 2018 Pret admits the wrap is a “little stingy”

17. Aug. 2018

06. Oct. 2018 (no response from Pret)

10. Oct. 2018 USA

16. Oct. 2018 Hot Wrap

24. Oct. 2018

29. Oct. 2018 USA

06. Nov. 2018 Hot Wrap

12. Nov. 2018 Little Duck more Spinach, badly wrapped

13. Nov. 2018 Hot Wrap

14. Nov. 2018

17. November 2018 This is the worst so far!

07. Dec. 2018

12. Jan. 2018 Little Duck (expensive), lots of Greens (cheap)

13. Jan. 2019 Pret’s NEW reason for packaging “deception”

Ok, didn’t expect the next day to have to continue on this…

14. Jan. 2019 I should get paid for giving Pret so many tipps, now Pret does NOT give any reason anymore but write instead: “We’re sorry to hear that, Sam. Please could you send us a DM with some more info including the shop you visited?”

There isn’t even a “oh no… oh gosh” response anymore, well done Pret! Them spies and boss are reading my blog. Well, thank you! Keep it up and be on your toes! 😀


14. Jan. 2019 Flatbread living up to its name: FLAT

25.01.2019 No Hoison in expensive Hoison Duck Wrap

25.01.2019 Spicy Chicken Flop

25.01.2019 Bang Bang Chicken Flop

12.02.2019 Big in Japan!

23.02.2019 Pret A Gap Wrap

26.02.2019 Pret A Light Wrap

12.04.2019 No Photo, but an observation

24.04.2019 Feeling deceived

27.04.2019 Mind the BIGGEST Gap!

01.05.2019 Another BIG gap!

06.05.2019 … and another one…

09.05.2019 Customer quote: “Where’s the rest of my wrap?! Believe me it’s not a one time thing …”

06.06.2019 … another one…

24. June 2019

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10. July 2019

24. July 2019

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29. July 2019

06. August 2019

07. Aug. 2019

Also 07. Aug. 2019

09. Aug. 2019

21. Aug. 2019

27. Aug. 2019 USA


All the above dates/links are features in pictures as a visual >>> Pret A Manger’s Misleading Packaging.


And with the one from 06.05 someone cared enough to confront Pret:

2019-05-06 Customer referring to my blog air wrap3


In context:

2019-05-06 Customer referring to my blog air wrap2




2019-01-25 bang chicken wrap no chicken


On 28. May 2019 a customer posted a video and I will include the whole feed as the exchange is brilliant. This customer won’t let Pret BS him or get lured into DM:

2019-05-28 Air Wrap Video1


2019-05-28 Air Wrap Video1a


2019-05-28 Air Wrap Video1c


Pret being desperate to get the customer away from the public into DM.

Little side note, where it says “1 more reply” is my reply LOL! Twitter hides it, even though I’m not shadow banned (yet!) they do hide posts for companies or political issues. They hide it so it can’t be seen immediately  as people are busy often, they don’t realise there are more replies and don’t always see the “1 more reply” thing.

Here’s my reply when one clicks on it, tucked away in-between two tweets:

Peek-a-boo… PreT-A-Boo…

Direct link to the first of my tweets as I feel a shadow ban coming! 😀


One solution would be for staff just “spread” the wrap to fill the package!

2018-11-12 spread out long wrap air

12. Nov. 2018


To be continued unfortunately …



It’s certainly a good give-away that Pret knows what they are doing and the versions they keep giving when they don’t even respond to the Tweets addressed to them directly in this feed HERE further down the Tweets.

And I can’t help but think that Pret now changed the version because of this law suit. Time will tell. I cannot find any more info on this suit.

A TripAdvisor Review on Pret and the oldest trick in the book on shrinking products but charging same or higher price. I have seen this many times over the years when I worked in Pret. The brownie for example disappeared for a while, we were instructed to tell customers that the product is being “improved” and when the brownie returned, it was smaller.

And currently customers on Twitter keep lamenting that the Vegan cookie is not on sale anymore and Pret again says that the recipe is being improved. And yet customer after customer says that it was perfect, doesn’t need improvement, even today again:


2019-01-13 vegan cookie improving



Someone recently mentioned a rumour that the Vegan cookie wasn’t even Vegan in the first place, hence Pret did what they do best, they “deleted the cookie”. Vegans point this out a lot that many products advertised as Vegan have eggs in it, not to mention Celia Marsh’s death as she was allergic to dairy. This second death in Pret from a non-dairy  product that contained Dairy Protein is still under investigation who is responsible, Pret or Coyo that supplied the non-dairy yogurt.





And to finish on a positive, just today when I cooked something, I was pleasantly surprised when I opened a brand new Colman’s mustard powder package and upon opening had to catch powder falling out as the jar was so full it ran over. The photo is already after I used some of it, but it’s still filled to the top. This is rare these days, and maybe it was an “accidental” overfill, as I haven’t bought this product for a long time and can’t remember how it used to be before.

But maybe there’s another blog entry on deceiving vs honest packaging one of these days and companies need to be called out for it, the good and the bad guys. But on a positive note, the good stuff needs to be mentioned as well.





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