IMMEDIATE PR[et] vs Labelling DELAY




At 1:29 Natasha’s mum is absolutely right, change can come IMMEDIATELY! I worked in Pret for 10 yrs and have my own story of survival on a different matter!

On the subject of “immediately”, here are 3 “IMMEDIATES” that I have witnessed Pret implementing:



The week when Brexit was voted for, within THAT week Pret implemented Brexit champions in each area to assist employees regarding how to stay in the UK, because Pret got scared to be losing many employees who mainly come from Europe, in particular Eastern European nations and are known for their hard work under immense pressure. The hardest working colleagues I have ever worked with come from Romania, Ukraine, Czech Republic etc. These people waste no time, often they don’t speak English well, so they won’t know where to complain to when they encounter problems with managers and they certainly won’t know their rights. Hence, Brexit Champions were very quickly trained to help non-British workers stay in the country and therefore in Pret to continue like “machines” to increase profits.
Andrej Stopa, the first person to PUBLICLY challenge mistreatment by managers paid with his job for it. He was dismissed under the “Pret”ense of allegedly having made homophobic remarks TEN MONTHS before getting fired! But in reality he got fired for having started a Trade Union. He confronted Pret on the reason for dismissal.




Within a DAY of the Grenfell Tower fire, Clive Schlee, CEO announced (or rather bragged, typical PR) that Pret is giving £100,000 to the Evening Standard Trust for Grenfell, that was decided within a 24 hour period of the tragedy when the tower was still smoking and parts burning! A typical emotional RE-action and decision Pret’s CEO makes because he had a visual and was overwhelmed for a minute. Super-fast IMMEDIATELY.




And the most amusing IMMEDIATE was when Pret became aware of my blog on the night from 28th to 29th of May 2018 and Clive Schlee making a £1000 announcement for all staff where it would take 10 years of service to receive £1K, this carrot is now thrown at everyone as Brexit is advancing fast and Pret has already lost staff.  Only he knows if this £1000 idea was born on that night out of becoming aware of my blog, but I am certain knowing how he RE-acts to confrontation, that the timing of the announcement in the night to 29th May was due to their discovery of my blog in that night!

So, I am delighted of having been part in staff getting a financial boost, even though this only serves as a carrot. And interesting enough, an immediate RE-action to my blog that lead to this announcement did not bring an immediate action, as employees are still waiting for the £1000 to “moneyfest” (sorry, I couldn’t resist this wordplay!) and the CEO’s premature announcement adds now to the pressure.


I could go on an on with 4. and 5. … of RE-actions to being caught like when an EHO closed down a Pret shop due to pest, whereas before this close-down Pret ignored our complaints to please solve the pest problems. Internal pest control people worked hard but could not fix the issue until an EHO closed a shop after a routine visit finding evidence of pest. ONLY THEN was an outside pest control company commissioned to tackle this.

I asked for a transferal to another shop as the mice issue in my then shop was unbearable. One person shot this video in the U.S. of mice activity and it brings back memories! It’s the night shift working in Pret A Mice! High activity when the shops were closed and quiet, but in the shop I worked in the mice were so bold, they strolled along under the barista cupboards during the busy coffee rush in broad daylight! But I couldn’t take it anymore and asked for a transferal. That was before the EHO closed a shop, and then Pret went into panic-mode sacking people, disciplining managers, reverting managers back to assistant managers even thought GMs weren’t trained properly… all that changed with a shop closure when only then a proper pest control company entered the scene!

Bottom-line why I speak out so openly whereas before I used to be very discreet and professional: it ALWAYS takes a dramatic happening before Pret responds! And with these deaths, there is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE that people had to die! Absolutely unnecessary! Unacceptable! Complete negligence on Pret’s part!



12K vs 20K

(Suddenly they “matter”, hey?)


Staff are still waiting, getting confused and impatient, while Clive Schlee does the usual thing: “blaming downwards”. He makes the announcement but then refers to the shops… as usual. And the team members get more and more confused. So, I help a bit by pushing on the rusty PR(et) machine!



1000 announcement still waiting 2018-08-29



… and still waiting …



2018-09-16 my response to £1000 29May announcement



… and still hoping …..



1000 announcement still waiting 2018-09-24



… and still (yawn) waiting …


2018-09-30 1000

Link to £1000 Tweet



And still waiting on 02. Oct. 2018 while staff are prohibited to Tweet:

1000 announcement still waiting 2018-10-02b



while Pret customers were also still waiting for full labelling of EVERY product to safe lives! ……..


Of course by now all the staff have been briefed to please not tweet anymore as I haven’t been silent! But as soon as the £1000 is paid to all staff this will be big news! Forget labelling and customers dying, as long as the PR(et) machine keeps working, everyone’s happy!


Back to the IMMEDIATE:

Not having labels with FULL ingredients and allergen info after repeated warnings and complaints shows of the carelessness and complacency. I know Pret, they do NOT care until caught at worst, or until something is to their benefit and PR at best!

Ten months after Ms Marsh’s death, Pret makes a public statement and sues CO YO. Just after the carpet got lifted and the public is made aware of two deaths. I asked Pret on 30. Sep. 2018 after Natasha’s death became public, how many more people have died, not in my worst nightmares expecting that a second death would be revealed shortly after, and yet sadly I am not surprised at the negligence of Pret A Manger:


2018-09-30 My Tweet on death suicide

Link to Tweet


I still have the emails regarding Brexit and Grenfell etc. Whatever helps Pret and Clive Schlee’s PR and bragging about good deeds that are obvious and visible and self-serving, that is what Pret acts on IMMEDIATELY.


To the BBC News, PLEASE don’t let your reporters say “In the wake of Natasha’s death”… This is in the wake of Natasha’s death becoming PUBLIC! She died TWO YEARS ago and Pret didn’t care, but everyone treats this as from yesterday.

To Natasha’s parent’s her death IS as if it happened yesterday, and will be like this forever. But Pret, Clive Schlee and particularly Jonathan Perkins knew of Natasha’s death for two years, as well as all the warnings before and after, but did not do anything to change!

Absolutely nothing and even ignored repeated warnings!

The hypocrisy of the CEO on his Twitter calling this a “promise” and saying that “nothing is more important to Pret right now”.


2018-10 1st death Pret Labbelling Statement

Link to the pinned Tweet having replaced the £1000 Tweet


While all the time hanging on to anti-Plastic Bottles and Straws schemes as if for dear life!


Clive Schlee Plastic Bottle concern



So, nothing is more important right now! After two years! What a terrible attempt to keep up the facade! Pret got caught now, and this reshuffles their priority. NOT the deaths, NOT the numerous warnings, but the public exposure.

Pret A Shame on you!


Natasha’s mum saying that “action can be immediate” @ 1:29

She further says, “You don’t have to wait for a law change to start putting stickers, listing the allergens on the food that you sell. You can just do it because it’s the right thing to do.



versus the PR(et) blaa blaaa machine:





Right Thing Naturally






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Quote of the Day #60 – Pret A Modern-day Slavery



I posted this Quote of the Day which I have been doing on and off since around May 2018, but today’s “quote” I posted a few hours before I learned today’s news of a second death from a Pret A Manger product. Even though I am not surprised at Pret’s negligence and slow reaction until this became public, I am utterly shaken at these news. Devastated and shocked!








They expect you to follow six key points of production and have passion in making items. When you follow this they then moan that you are to slow and need to hurry up as everyone in a Pret kitchen says choppy choppy which is the worst thing because it only makes you less motivated.


My comment: Yes, this is very true, and the reason for this is that leaders in the shop, but especially in the kitchen under harsh management are pushing people to their limits to then be promoted themselves. A typical “kissing upwards, and kicking downwards” bullying behaviour in large companies. In Pret this is rampant as can be seen in the Staff Complaints via the link on the bottom, but Pret is next to nothing when it comes to PR and the public is lulled in to believe Pret is kind to their staff. Well …



2018-10-02 Modern day slavery depression

Former TM 2nd Oct. 2018


I also want to highlight the “Cons” in this review, quote:


Depression. Anxiety. Dread to go to work


I can absolutely underline this statement of the mentally unhealthy environment in Pret.


Featured in the selected “Quotes of the Day“.

Comprehensive, but not exhaustive Pret Staff Complaints.

Why I collected these after having survived Pret.




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A Message To Chains


For my people in the shops and on the streets, being loud and clear to say that we care for more than just peanuts and we deserve better than the disrespect we encounter for too long…

I miss my colleagues, working with them shoulder to shoulder, so I march with them shoulder to shoulder…. This is for them… more to come ………





A Message to Chains


One of those mornings

when I enter the shop

waiting for my colleagues to arrive

I am extremely down that day

but I keep going


Setting up the coffee machine

putting the frozen croissants into the oven

answering the phone to a colleague calling sick

putting down the phone

picking up my heart

I keep going


My team’s starting to trickle in

one by one, tired but Pret A Faire

I’m glad to see them

we all disperse to our jobs

and later the boss arrives

but I keep going



I want to press the snooze button

No! I want to smash it!

So exhausted!

Rude and ungrateful customers

boss having a go at us

colleagues fatigued

but I keep going


Hours missing from my pay

getting told off for nothing

rota changed without notice

and I keep going


Made a mistake

nothing much

but a catastrophe for my boss

so I keep crawling


Feeling low after life’s blow

going to work without pay

without help, with no meaning…

being bullied…

I keep going

and I strike

I strike

I strike


I strike back!




Fast-food Workers Strike, Leicester Square, London, nationwide and in other countries 4th October 2018.




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Jonathan Perkins – Pret’s Director of Risk-Taking & Complacency



When I wrote the first sentence that Natasha isn’t the only fatality in Pret, I did not know that a second customer, Celia Marsh had died in December 2017. I did ask Pret on 30.09.2018 how many more there are and included it here on the 30th, but with the other fatality I meant a suicide of staff I keep confronting Pret about.



Blog Entry:


Natasha’s death is not the only fatality in Pret.

Pret’s Director of Risk & Compliance, or more appropriately, Risk-Taking & Complacency, having known of 9 complaints regarding sesame in products, especially the Artisan Baguette BEFORE Natasha died from it.

…walking ahead, strolling on the pavement in this VIDEO casually with his hands in his pockets as if nothing ever happened. Maybe the lady to the right behind him “ventriloquized” for him to take his hands out of his pockets for the cameras, as he briefly looked to his right, and then repositioning himself moving out of view of the camera. Nothing to worry about, because Clive Schlee does what he does best, sweet-talking Pret out of every mess! This one as well?! Certainly very impressive performance two years after Natasha’s death!

I find it also interesting that the CEO’s senior staff and lawyers stood far off on the other side of the street instead of close behind him, covering his back while he faces the public via the press. If Clive Schlee decided or was advised to face the press alone, while Mr. Perkins and legal advisors coward behind him out of view of the camera, with him later also walking alone through the mine field of the press, only he knows. But it shows what I experienced in Pret for 10 years, there is no “one for all and all for one” principle in Pret, the “family” illusion that Clive Schlee loves to portrait has always annoyed me, as the reality is Pret being a brutal and dishonest profit driven company, or a very dysfunctional family at best, breaking down as the mask is falling and the public starts to see the true face.


Jonathan Perkins gave a very poor response in the inquest which not only has many people perplex but angry:

Quote from this news report: “I accept that a number of individuals have had a negative experience, even a tragic experience, but thousands of customers and allergy sufferers shop with us safely.”

He might as well have said: ‘…a number of individuals have had a negative experience, even a tragic experience, but thousands of customers and allergy sufferers balance on the rope of potential allergic reactions without falling off‘.

Let’s just blame the law and the shops, shall we, and disgracefully Natasha herself? If you as the reader is blaming Natasha and her family, please go away from my website, buy yourself a coffee in Pret and stay lulled in from the PR(et) facade! Just click my website away, I don’t want your audience! I am not writing for you!


Perkins completely disregards a person’s death AND 9 previous complaints (with 1 also almost fatal) to thousands of customers who mingle their way through the dangers of allergic reactions due to lack of labeling! The lack of labeling is still happening TODAY (29.09.2018) as a friend just wrote to me having visited Pret on the weekend checking the labels.

Perkins further says after being asked what he has learned from Natasha’s death: “The father in me would want to change everything. I would give anything for this not to have happened. We try to do our best for our customers, but humans are fallible. Despite our best efforts and intentions we will get things wrong.”



Right Thing Naturally



This response not only angers many people including me, but it shows the core of Pret’s repeated negligence, and in my opinion plain arrogance in how they deal with many issues, not even putting on the brakes regarding life and death issues. For one, he had to admit due to Pret’s complaint logs, that he knew of the 9 previous complaints before Natasha died, but NOTHING was done! The father in him would want to change everything?? He missed a minimum of 9 opportunities to change EVERYTHING! And to excuse a death and negligence with just being human and fallible is outrageous and sickening, especially since Pret expects perfection from their shop staff and penalize employees easily for the smallest mistakes, mainly blaming downwards!! I survived being penalized and bullied even during traumatic bereavement.

Jonathan Perkins walking with his hands in his pockets, not taking responsibility, not resigning but hiding behind Clive Schlee from the camera’s view speaks volumes of Pret’s core values of “doing the right thing naturally”.

“It’s what makes Pret, Pret”!





Heartbroken for Natasha and her family!


The self-assured and patronizing response from Clive Schlee, CEO to an open letter in 2015 will also shed enough light behind the shiny PR(et) facade that gets more and more cracks by the public exposure of the fact that people, customers as well as staff, get hurt physically and mentally:


2018-09-28 Another OPEN LETTER_2



2018-09-28 Another OPEN LETTER_2

Link to Tweet



For him as the CEO to personally reply was supposed to impress Alicia? Well, it didn’t!

Last sentence in his response, quote: “Is there anything else that you would specifically like [u]s to do?”

Yes, RESIGN Clive Schlee!!



2018-07-06 Head Office PR

Former IT Analyst’s employment review



Maybe Pret can learn from London’s Royal Festival Hall café. I used to chuckle when I ordered a coffee before a concert when I saw this sign of a “Honey NUT Tart” visibly loaded with nuts and the price tag saying: “Contains Nuts”! I thought it funny and made this photo, but now I don’t laugh anymore! Apologies to all allergy sufferers! The RAH’s diligence makes sense now! And this photo I made as far back as 2013 or 2014.


2014-07-21 Contains Nuts RFH



Heartbroken for Natasha’s family, who like all people who have lost loved ones due to neglect in unnecessary and avoidable deaths, say that they hope Natasha’s death will lead to change and save lives.

I join that hope, but I also hope that the top leadership of Pret resign or get dismissed and prosecuted, mainly because of the high and unattainable standards they expect of their staff, while themselves hiding behind a facade and their millions and hurting people. I myself have given Pret the benefit of the doubt one too many times while I was bullied, gaslighted, manipulated and ultimately dismissed during bereavement with my dad in intensive care, just out of a coma.

Pret does NOT care for people nor the health of customers and staff alike until caught publicly. The time has to come that the top leadership are called out to take responsibility away from the sweet-talking slogans they are so effectively known for.

To quote only part of one staff review (Clicking on “Show More” to see full review):
“I want to be as loud as possible here – PRET DOESN’T CARE!” I just feel very strongly that the general public view of this company is very far off from the truth, and I believe in using my voice.

That makes two voices already… And since news of Natasha’s death broke, more positive reviews seem to appear in support of Schlee and Pret. It doesn’t matter how many rally around the CEO and the company, a person died, others were hospitalized and suffered scary reactions to products.

How many more have died that we don’t know about if Natasha’s death that happened in 2016 just comes to light now? How many died of food allergies or staff by suicide that is under the carpet?


2018-09-30 My Tweet on death suicide



Nothing further to say, hey!

That’s not for today… I’ve made my statement”

When is the day, Clive Schlee, when, with you being “deeply” sorry for Natasha’s death two YEARS after she died because this is public now? When is the day?



Dear Clive Schlee,

could you please stop the PR(et) machine, put on the brakes and truly live up to your slogans to do “meaningful” change? Could you please bring real change for customers’ lives as well as for staff?

Your demands and slogans towards staff to “go the extra mile”, “strive for perfection”, and the most ridiculous of all, Pret “doing the right thing naturally” will always come back to haunt you. I know neither staff nor yourself can live up to micro-managing and fear managing slogans you have had in place for too long. Changing those would be a good start.

You calling me your “late light girl” two months before I was dismissed while my dad just came out of his coma in intensive care, knowing how I suffered during bereavement under your and HR’s leadership, or the lack thereof (!), almost losing my life as well, staff suffering… and you still do business as usual!

You are no “undercover boss” who is oblivious on what’s going on in your company, you are present in Pret like no other CEO. You are very very aware of what is happening inside and outside of Pret. There is no excuse of the suffering of PEOPLE, of customers and staff alike.

Unless you truly change the slogans, the labeling and other health & safety issues, including mental health & safety not just “on paper”, starting by having enough staff on the shop floor instead of cutting labour to increase your millions, as well as having real and more than adequate training in place… until you truly live what you preach this will keep happening and the crack in your PR(et) facade will widen.

Please step out of the shoes of the likes of McDonald’s, Amazon & Co.

Pret is still small and intimate enough to make a real change that wouldn’t be just “meaningful” but life-saving as well as enhancing physical and mental health!

Please heed. Please change direction, sir, or resign and make way for a CEO who would truly care for all people’s lives (customer and staff alike), for their physical and mental health.


Your Late Night Girl!


P.S. And dear Pret, could you please NOT task anyone to contact me, as a former team leader colleague of mine whom I used to highly respect, until I learned of his lies, called and then texted me two days ago, whereas in over three years I haven’t heard from him and him having lied in an investigation hearing that I raised because I was bullied by our then line manager. I immediately asked him to not contact me again and go back to Pret to which he replied that he contacted me “by mistake”. Of course, he did! Please, you should know by now, especially after gaslighting me via this person, that I won’t fall for your toxic and corrupt HR department’s tricks anymore. Thank you!


Selected Quotes of Pret Staff Complaints.

Comprehensive, but not exhaustive list of Staff Complaints.




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Before they mute my response to Pret’s CEO regarding Death…


Not good enough, Pret!! Not good enough!

Some of my tweets have been muted lately since the news broke of the girl who died (in 2016 already) from a Pret baguette due to allergy.

Before my response is deleted or muted again, here it is again.

Pret has absolutely NO excuse for this!

What I wrote in the tweet regarding “going the extra mile”, “striving for perfection”, “doing the right thing naturally”….

These are slogans, suggestions, requests and demands Pret has in place for staff. These always bothered me because Pret is not living up to their own demands.

Shortly after my brother’s death and mistreatment in the middle of grief, my suggestions since May 2015 to Pret’s HR department regarding staff treatment, especially of the bereaved have not only been ignored, but I have been bullied on top of it. Only when I involved Clive Schlee, CEO (who later labeled me his “late night girl”) did some support start, but a lot of it was to cover Pret’s own back. A lot was “Pret-entious”!

The bullying which became more subtle later on in the middle of my already traumatic bereavement have made me mentally ill with my emailing, which I extensively explain in other blog entries and how my ordeal started.

I still may be too naïve to have hopes that Pret TRULY can change direction if they put their priorities right. But I firmly believe Pret’s toxic and corrupt HR department needs a serious re-vamping in new leadership, as well as a new CEO who doesn’t just sweet-talk their way out of a disaster or tragedy when Pret gets caught “doing the wrong thing naturally”!

My response to Pret’s CEO as it may be deleted or muted like it was done with some of the other tweets:


2018-09-28 MY Response 2 Clive BBC2


Link to Tweet


Dear Clive Schlee and Pret,

I still have hopes that you change direction regarding work conditions, true customer care, quality of training staff to assist customers… away from your well oiled PR(et) machine and truly live up to your slogans. Not just for customers, but also  for staff, as we all are human beings, sir, not staff as work-machines and robots or customers as piggy banks for your millions.

For the sake of many who suffered to the point of even becoming suicidal, as well as for the public, that is becoming aware of the negligence in Pret which is not an isolated incidence.

Selected Quotes from staff complaints.


Your Late Night Girl




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Quote of the Day #55 – Pret A Exploitation


Zahnrad Machine


Can’t help but appreciating this reviewer having some much needed humour!


“Why you was in the fridge for more than 45 seconds?
If you work in Pret you have to know how to deal with a lot of pressure, they will repeat 10-15 times per hour(I’m not exaggerating) to be faster at all team members, the supervisors ask motivation for everything, either if you are just fixing your pants.”

NOTE: True, this reviewer is not exaggerating, micromanagement, control, pressure non-stop.


Quote of the Day:

“You should probably consider buying industrial machines to make sandwiches instead of focusing on exploitation East-European employees.”


Nothing more to add!


2018-08-26 Comedy

TM from London on 16. Aug. 2018



Substantial list of Staff Complaints from various Employment Review sites and YouTube.

Concise list of chosen “Quotes of the Day” taken from the Staff Complaints to highlight the common thread of the problem in all of Pret in different countries and cities.




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Quote of the Day #53 – Pret A Horrible


I always leave any mistakes in the reviews to keep it in their own words.

Quote of the Day:

Pros Nothing

Cons Everything

Extremely stressful managers dont know anything and drama every day. People need to know how to take responsibility there. I wouldn’t work there.


2018-08-24 #53 Horrible

Former TM, Philadelphia PA 20. Aug. 2018



Substantial list of Staff Complaints from various Employment Review sites and YouTube.

Concise list of chosen “Quotes of the Day” taken from the Staff Complaints to highlight the common thread of the problem in all of Pret in different countries and cities.




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The Lidl Disaster


So, being from Germany, knowing the brand as well as Aldi for its low price, yet good quality groceries, I used to be (emphasis “used to be”) a loyal customer at one particular Lidl branch in my area since having moved to the area in 2006. Until yesterday when I became an involuntary Mystery Shopper!

I was always impressed with the team there who worked for at least 8 – 10 years as a solid team in the same branch. I never had issues with Lidl or with this particular branch.

I boycotted Lidl in 2008 for more than a year because of the scandal in Germany which partly came to light by undercover investigative journalists, but in which Lidl UK seemed to not have been affected, as I often chatted with my local Lidl store team. They seemed genuinely happy. But I boycotted Lidl nevertheless as I have a deep dislike for companies mistreating their staff who make all this wealth happen. I shopped in other places until this was changed.

I cannot find an English video about this on YouTube, but have only found a German report from March 2018 on YouTube reviewing the “spying” method from Lidl towards their employees, where staff was spied on how many times they went to the toilet, with whom they have a romantic relationship, who has financial troubles etc. Maybe I will translate this into English.

But since recently there seems to be this ever reoccurring trend of the usual greed and disregard for employees as well as customers.

When I shopped at Lidl I always went there to do “bulk” purchases like foods that have a long shelf life, cans of tomatoes, corn, sardines etc., cleaning products, oils, vinegar, crispy breads and so on. Fresh things like milk and eggs I get from a local store even if it costs a few more pennies. Fruit and veg I always buy at my local market for three reasons: I can pick and choose individually and am not forced to buy in plastic packaging of 5 or 6 when I only want 2 grape fruits for example; it is much cheaper than in supermarkets; and I always have a little chat with the market folk whom you get to know throughout the years. There isn’t a lot of “staff turnover” as in big businesses. It’s just an old school local vibe that is being pushed out too much by the big guns.

So, buying in bulks at Lidl, I usually go there only once every 6 to 8 weeks stocking up. I need to say that I “hate” shopping! I am not your usual female who loves to stroll through the aisles with a basket, ending up with a trolley full of things I don’t need nor want! I am any business’ nightmare, you can’t draw a penny out of me if I don’t want to spend it! I know what I want, I hover over the shop floor, blindly aiming for what I need and out the store I go …

But on Friday and yesterday I went two consecutive days to Lidl, once to buy some things for a BBQ on Friday, and then because I forgot something returning yesterday. I have noticed a few weeks ago already that since this particular Lidl (as many others, I’m sure) has installed self checkout tills, they cut their staff at the tills and in the stores. I used to see a lot of staff mingling about the shop including the manager (as I knew the solid long-term team there). The tills were often manned appropriately, the shop floor was well looked after, when I was looking for an item I quickly found a member of staff pointing me to the right direction.

But since they changed the team, installed self check-out tills and cut their staff, the store now looks like someone rampaged through it. At the till I was queuing up the staff member informed me that I would be the last person he’ll be serving to which I said that he is only one serving and that they need more people. He just shrugged as if it wasn’t his concern. A lady with a basket started queuing behind me and she was informed that the till is now closed after me. She just put her basket on the floor and left annoyed. Understandably. She took a brochure before she left, probably to complain.

These photos I made yesterday 18. Aug. 2018 while waiting in the long queue where only 1 staff member was on the till with another long queue by the self check-out. I walked around a bit, made these photos and these are just from the front of the store, I didn’t bother going to the back anymore. But it was like this on Friday as well and weeks before when I started to notice the change. I have never ever seen anything like this anywhere in the world in any supermarket or store! This is worse than a toddlers bedroom after playing, or a flee market:


Mixed foods randomly left behind


A package of raw chicken in the basket that has been standing there God knows how long out of refrigeration! Good luck if they put it back into the fridge for the customer to get food poisoning! I remember now that on Friday I pointed out to a lady at the till who bought two whole chickens, that one chicken packaging was bloated, and bloating packaging is a sign that the product may be off. But the staff member on the till said that the date is still good. So, I left it with that. But now I realize that this chicken may also have been left outside for a prolonged time in room temperature, like so much of the other foods I saw, and then returned to the fridge! How many high risk foods are in the fridges that where left in room temperature maybe even over night? I have contacted Lidl last night before even writing here today.



Three till areas full of “junk”, foods, yogurt, I saw salad, cheese, orange juice, meats… out of refrigeration!




These tills are closed, full of items left behind. Even the till where I was served had salad, cheese, a pair of children sandals, mixed up items… I mentioned this to the cashier and he just blamed customers for leaving it there!




Another closed till. Altogether this particular Lidl has 5 tills that can be manned, but had only 1 staff member, plus 5 or 6 self check-out tills that were all busy with customers doing the work themselves and a long queue!




More abandoned baskets on the floor with mixed foods, some which needed to be refrigerated.




In need of some TLC!




Flowers, children’s shoes, eggs, beer, bleach, toilet paper, plastic wrap on the floor…




“Tipsy” non-alcoholic beverages.






Yogurt, sausages out of refrigeration!







Salad out of refrigeration.


… I didn’t go further into the store as I just needed dry non-food items and wanted to get out of there ASAP!

At the till I spoke to the member of staff who got the manager who just cruised around the shop with a sheet of paper where he was ticking off something. He even looked at the baskets on the floor while he passed by. He was in no hurry to clean up the mess. I complained to him that in my 12 years of going to this branch, I have never ever seen anything like this, not even in any other supermarket anywhere in the world! The floor was full of black stains as there was dried fluids, receipts and papers on the floor by the till area.

The staff member on the till had a smirk on his face when I pointed out the cheese and other food items horded by his till. He just blamed the customers. I said that customers don’t leave items like this within minutes, this has been piling up for days and weeks!

No company, no matter how big they are is safe from failure and loss. The mighty Monsanto last week was ordered to pay close to $290 million in damages to a cancer patient in his last stages of the disease caused by a Monsanto product, that Monsanto denied causes cancer. This giant that seemed untouchable finally is hit big time for their greedy misbehaviour. Murdock’s empire with all the terrible scandals isn’t safe. Tyrants throughout history that in time fall because people just cannot take it anymore…

Lidl has had scandals, got caught, fixed it, and again they keep messing up until caught again.

Pret A Manger with their shiny facade and forced smiles, lulling in the public for years until people stand up and say “enough of the lies and bullying!”

The higher the climb, the deeper the fall. The German drug store giant Schlecker, a multi-million family business that mistreated their staff for decades, now bankrupt and the heirs in prison for trying to take the millions and run before the collapse making 50K (FIFTY THOUSAND!) people of their 8000 branches etc. jobless. Schlecker was notorious for cutting staff. Their stores had only ONE, mainly female staff member working in a shop. It was widely known that in a Schlecker store there was only one person working, so robbers would go from Schlecker to Schlecker robbing the shops on a regular basis.

I remember years ago having also boycotted Schlecker for these reasons.

Later Schlecker would close shops, make their staff redundant, and then open another Schlecker opposite or around the corner just weeks after having closed a shop, employing the same former staff-member for less money! And because many employees have been working for many years at Schlecker, had to feed kids and pay the bills, they found no option than to take this lousy deal.

But the Schlecker empire is now gone, bankrupt, his children received prison sentences…

Founder given suspended sentence, but his kids got prison sentences



Former Schlecker employee bouncing back


I don’t care who they are, Pret A Manger, McDonald’s, Lidl, Tesco, Monsanto, Lehman Brothers, Schlecker… no one is too big to fail! Greed and mismanagement will turn around and bite them in the butt sooner or later. And certainly if that doesn’t happen to the current senior managers because they take the money and run before things get uncomfortable, they at least will have to tweak on their reputation for the rest of their existence! The truth always comes out sooner or later.

I rather spend a few more pennies and support the local stores and markets.




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